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3-15KW Power Laser Hardening Machine Quenching Laser Cladding Equipment

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3-15KW Power Laser Hardening Machine Quenching Laser Cladding Equipment

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City & Province wuhan hubei
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3-15KW Laser Hardening Machine Equipment Quenching Cladding For Metal Roller/Auto Mold/Ship Shaft/Worn Blade​

The equipment is mainly used for laser processing (laser cladding ) on the surface of shafts, gears, discs, special-shaped parts, etc., to increase the hardness or corrosion resistance of the surface. The laser processing organization has metallurgical combination, small deformation, low interface dilution material, fine microstructure of the microstructure, and high surface fatigue life.

Processing capacity:Fast laser cladding, normal laser cladding, laser hardening, inner hole laser cladding


The full system contains: 8KW Laserline diode laser source,one and two time shutter,laser cladding head,Coax and side-shaft laser powder feeding nozzle,Air curtain and defensive equipment,Soot purification system,6 axis KUKA Robot,Linear slide for Robot,Horizontal rotary worktable and tailstock tip,GTV double cylinder powder feeding machine ,Double temperature control water chiller,2D Tilt Jig,Stabilizer,Air compressor,Cold dryer machine etc.


Germany laserline imported brand LDF8000-60VG64 laser, including diode power supply and control unit, including optional mobile control panel, graphical user interface and external interface control unit, built-in two optical path outlet. Combined with the laseline cooling unit, it is integrated into the laser VG64.

Laser typeDiode
Output power range3-15kW
Power Stability±2%
Electro-optical conversion rate≥40%
Laser wavelength980nm±10nm
Wavelength outputCW
Input voltage380V 3phase five-wire @50Hz


1. Using a semiconductor laser optical input, 6-axis robot gripped by laser cladding an
optical head or head, and then assisted with horizontal rotary axis positioner, etc.,
through a central control unit, to achieve a variety of shapes of parts laser hardening,
laser alloying and laser cladding requirements to meet the surface of advanced
manufacturing and remanufacturing of new product failure of the product.

2. Compared with the conventional surface strengthening and re-manufacturing technology, excellent
processing performance, small deformation of the workpiece, high degree of
automation, repeatability and other significant technological features, high-end products
become resolved to strengthen and remanufacturing indispensable means of


Horizontal rotary table and 2D Tilt Jig

1,Robot linear axis
Robot linear slide range2500mm
Robot linear slide speed0-5000mm/min
Robot linear slide transmission mechanismRack and pinion
Robot linear axis motor and driverKUKA Servo motor and driver
2,Rotate axis,T worktable and Tailstock
Rotary axis head box placementHorizontal
Horizontal rotary load5T(Chuck pins loading),20T(Roller loading)
Vertical rotary load1T
Rotary axis box center height1000mm
Rotary axis Chuck and tipsΦ630mm 4-Jaw chuck,standard double tips
Rotary axis rotate speed

0-15rpm, Enter the robot program,

continuously adjustable

Machine worktable size9500*1200mm,table is Integral casting
Tailstock and tipsTips Taper=60℃, Mechanical expansion200mm
Tips Sleeve diameterΦ200mm
Roller2pcs,copper surface roller
Rotary axis motor and driverKUKA Servo motor and driver
3,Small Rotate axis,T worktable and Tailstock 
Rotary axis head box placementVertical and horizontal
Horizontal rotary load2T
Rotary axis box center height760mm
Rotary axis Chuck and tipsΦ500mm 3-Jaw chuck,standard double tips
Rotary axis rotate speed

0-100rpm, Enter the robot program,

continuously adjustable

Tailstock and tipsTips Taper=60℃, Mechanical expansion200mm
Tips Sleeve diameterΦ200mm
Roller2pcs,copper surface roller
4,2D Tilt Jig 
Motion axisFlip, swivel, in which the rotary axis uses KUKA servo motor and drive
Faceplate diameterΦ500mm
Chuck diameterΦ315mm,Three-Jaw self-centering
Flipping angle





Typical applications: automotive mold, mining machinery, coal machinery, petrochemical machinery, generator sets, rolling mill machinery and other large mechanical parts.

Metallurgy, mold, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, light industry, energy, transportation, military and other industries.
Optical head specifications and characteristics

OD processing head: According to different process requirements, it adopts the German laserline imported OTS-5 optical head, fast cladding and traditional laser cladding using a circular spot laser head, laser hardening and wide cladding using a rectangular spot laser head, spot size: Ø1 .6-2mm (fast cladding), Ø3.5-4mm (normal cladding) and 17mm (wide cladding and hardening) total 3 pcs, in addition, equipped with a special ID cladding processing head. The following picture shows laserline imported OTS-5 optical laser head, for reference only, subject to delivery:
ID professional cladding lens and powder feeding assembly, F1 (collimation distance) = 81mm, F2 (focus distance) = 300mm, optical lens diameter 1 inch, spot size is about Ø3.5mm, including collimating lens, focusing lens, Components such as turning lenses, protective lenses, etc., bi-directional side-shaft powder feeding, can be welded to a minimum inner diameter of 125mm, depth of 600mm, and can withstand a maximum power of 3kW (1h).

Powder Feeder Machine
Powder feeding unit for laser cladding and repair welding applications.
Special plate conveyor system guarantees exact and repeatable powder feeding rates.
2 powder jars (each approx. 1.5 l) with stirrer (on/off)
Volumetric measurement of carrier gas flow (Ar/N2).
Incl. control panel and documentation.
Dimensions: 600 mm by 350 mm by 1400 mm (width x height x depth). Weight: approx. 165 kg.
Training and startup by manufacturer of powder feeding unit recommended


Made of copper metal as material, modular design, compact structure, threaded connection with lens, ±5mm adjustment in X, Y and Z directions, dustproof and anti-splash on coaxial air curtain, Φ6 cooling interface and powder pipe, 4-way powder inlet, coaxial The annular powder feeding head (the powder is coaxially fed into the molten pool along the laser beam, and the crack resistance is good).

Suitable for Ø1.6-2mm spot cladding for powder particles of 20-150μm, powder spraying rate 2 - 100g / min (depending on process data such as laser power, speed and thickness), can spray Fe, Ni, Co Base alloy (taking Fe-based alloy as an example, the cladding efficiency is 3.5kg / h for 8kW laser, 1.8kg / h for 4kW laser), coaxial positive pressure gas protection, nitrogen or argon gas, air pressure 0.2-0.4 MPa (depending on the degree of spatter of the alloy material).

1.Q:What is the warranty of the Laser cladding machine equipment?
A:2 years.
2.Q:Are you a factory ?
A:We are factory for 22 years.Got import and export License.
3.Q:How about the quality?
A:Technology is from Germany.High quality with best price.
4.Q:What is your after-sale service?
A:Door to door service !we can send engineers to your factory for assembling ,adjusting and training!
5.Q:How do i get technical support after purchasing?
A:Offer online service in English through Skype,WhatsAPP,Wechat or Email etc .If need remote operation,we can use TeamViewer software.
6.Q:How can i get assurance of my Payment?
A: Alibaba have Trade Assurance,you can pay throught Alibaba. We have so many online orders.

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