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Signature Laser Welding Machine For Channel Letter

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Signature Laser Welding Machine For Channel Letter

Country/Region china
City & Province wuhan hubei
Categories Electronic Data Systems

Product Details

Signature laser welding machine for channel letter Fiber laser head 500W



Signage500H Signature laser welding machine is a hand Torch laser welding machine passes high-energy laser light beam through soft fiber cable to one small laser head (or more laser heads at the same time) so that the laser can works on some parts hardly to reach. Hand-held laser head is very flexible to use and makes multi-parts welding available.





1. Red dot fast positioning with CCD monitor for detail observation


2. Work table adjustable for different size or weight of metal letters.


3. Fast welding process; Exclusive or customized fixing jig device; Fast focusing and positioning without a CCD or microscope.


4. Less heat deformation and smaller heat affected area.


5. A perfect replacement of traditional soldering and TIG, especially when welding work piece smaller than 5cm or bigger than 100cm.




Laser working substanceNd3+:YAG crystal gilded resonance cavity
Rated power500W
Max. single-pulse energy120J
Max. peak power12KW
Laser wave length1064nm
Focused facula diameterф0.10-3.0mm Adjustable
Pulse width0.2-20msadjustable
Pulse frequency1-30HZ Adjustable
Pulse depth≤6mm
Working table scale750*1000mm
3-axis itineraryX=700mmY=150mmZ=200mm
Controlling systemSingle-chip micro processor
Observing systemCCD
Cooling systemWater chiller 380V/50HZ or60HZ
Packing Size



Gross weight340KG


Prospect of laser technology in Ads industry


1 With the booming of global advertising industry, metal letters has been more and more popular because of its colorfulness, attractiveness, heating-proof, frozen-proof, no deformation, no fadedness (8-10 years color preservation), corrosion proof, rainproof, and spontaneous combustion proof and some other good features. AD metal letters are made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper or other metal sheet being cut, polished, hemmed, and welded. The core feature of AD metal letters is being rustproof, with long life span and dimensional looks.


2 Regular combination and fixing of metal letters are done via glue, rivets or soldering, but all of them have big defects. Metal letters combined by glue always get loose with time goes by, especially at outdoors. Fixing by rivets sounds good, but not good-looking. Soldering is never a green way of fixing metal letters because of the poisoning gas produced when processing. However, laser welding technology makes two metal sheets become one only by a few melting spots. From any aspect, laser welding is the best solution and the greenest.


3 Hand-held fiber laser welding machine come out just to make up for the deficiency that normal metal letter welding machine can't weld micro or oversized letters.




1YAG CavityCeramic1 setUKMorgan
2Thermostatic water cooling machineHanli, China1 setShenzhen

less noise and

low power consumption

3Optical lensWavelength1 setSingaporefocal length 150mm
4Laser powerQAPLASER1 setWuhan 
5CCDObservation system1 setShenzhenStandard configuration
6YAG barBOET1 setBeijing 
7Fiber cable 1 setGermany 






Applied for the welding of various metal channel letters, metal letter back-kit, customized metal signage, and oversized exterior billboards, and so on. See below the wlding samples.


Welding samples





Machine outlook





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