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Alloy Steel Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine 2000W With Fully Automatic Tracking System

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Alloy Steel Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine 2000W With Fully Automatic Tracking System

Country/Region china
City & Province wuhan hubei
Categories Engine Parts

Product Details

Alloy Steel Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine 2000W Full automatic Tracking System
FL2000S-1530 Alloy Steel Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine has equiped with a high power laser device and a big sealed working area,which can protect the worker during cutting operation.


The laser cutter consists of 5 parts ,the machine bed host, electrical control, water cooling unit, air cooling system and Exhaust system.


First, the machine bed host is the main part of the whole laser cutting machine. Cutting function and cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine are realized by it. It consists of 6 parts ,the bed, laser source, cantilever, Z axis device, work table, the auxiliary system (Protective cover, gas and water) and operating table.


Second, the electrical control system is an important part of ensuring that all kinds of graphics running tracks, which is composed of the CNC and the low-voltage electric system.

The CNC machine bed Equipped with BECKOFF system. This system is based on Windows XP operation system.


Other auxiliary peripheral equipment including large water chiller, cooling system, exhaust system and power supply



1. Great Performance: Identical cutting quality on any cutting point is realized through fiber transmission.


2. High Efficiency: The rapid cutting speed is two times higher than that of CO2 laser machine.Its use-cost is low.


3. Low Consumption of Gas: Laser cutting does not make any gas because of the specific cutting technology on steel plate.


4. Low Consumption of Energy: It is environment-protecting and energy-saving.Its power consumption is reduced by 20%-30% compared with that of CO2 laser machine.


5. Maintenance-free: Reflecting lens is not needed for fiber transmission.Much time is saved when optical path is adjusted.It is maintenance-free


6. Install Proportional Valve: Use software to change the air and control the air pressure automatically, no need to change the air manually, it can save you much time;


7. Stable working table: Use 8mm thick steel side board, around 3.5 tons in weight;


8. Dual drive, aging treatment, stress relief test to ensure long time fast running without changing shape;


9. Satisfied with flexible processing with small size and intense structure design.


10. Smaller Focal spot and cutting gap. Much more efficient and better processing quality.




Laser output power1000W/2000W/3000W
Laser wavelength1070 nm
Laser typeFiber laser souce 
Max cutting speed18m/min
Max cutting thickness0-18mm according to material
Output energy regulating10%~100%
Input electric power for laser≤2KW
Type of coolingWater cooling
Drive modeImported servo motor
Transmission modeImported high precision Rack and Pinion
Working temperature5-45 degrees
Continous working time24 hours
Max-range for cutting3000mm×1500 mm/ 2500x1300mm
Power supply380V/50HZ
ServiceOversea service for installation and training

Cutting parameter

Carbon steel0-3mm0-6mm0-8mm0-10mm0-18mm
Stainless steel0-2mm0-3mm0-4mm0-5mm0-8mm
Aluminum alloy 0-2mm0-3mm0-4mm 


It is used widly on advertising signs production, sheet metal structures, production of high and low voltage electrical cabinet,textile machinery parts,kithen, auto, machinery, metal technics, saw, electrical parts, glasses, spring, PCB, electical kettle, medical microelectronics, hardware, tools etc.



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