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China Auto Tool Changing wood cnc router AOL-M25

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China Auto Tool Changing wood cnc router AOL-M25

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Product Details

ATC CNC Router for woodworking AOL-M25


l The traveling speed can reach 35m/min. high-speed cuting speed can reach 25m/min.

l It adopts advanced DSP NC system,handle-operation,simpler operation,more humanistic design,using unique Intelligent budget rules,making full use of the electrical potential,achieving high-speed processing,curve linear synchronous, and more perfect curves.

l Y axis adopts double motor to drive

l Do welding the machine frame with high- strength steel tube.

l Six subareas vacuum table-board

l Professional and human-based 3D control system

l Optional automatic orientation system, temperature control system

Technical parameter:



X,Y,Z Working Area


Max. Speed


Frame structure

seamless welding steel structure

X,Y Structure

Taiwanlinear guide rail,pinion and rack transmission(Y axis double drivers)

Z Structure

Taiwanlinear guide rail, ball screw

NO. of tools

Line typeATC ( tools magazine capacity 8 pcs)


Command code

HPGL, G code

Revolution of spindle


Drive Motors

Stepper motor or JapanPanasonicservo motor drivers

Operating System

Taiwan LNC control system

Working Voltage

380v, 50Hz/60HZ

Cooling method

Water cooling


Vacuum system (vacuum working table and vacuum pump)

Dust removing plant

Dust collector units and dust bags and depots


Auto tool height sensor

Auto oil lubrication system

Field of application:

Woodworking,Advertising industry, seal industry, craft and gift, art mould, mould etc.

Applicable material: wood, arylic, double-color board, PVC, EVA, ABS board, stone, imitation stone, metal, Aluminum Mold etc.

Major applicationd fields: furniture, furniture decoration, woodworking decoration, musical , wooden handicraft etc.

Woodwork industry: sewing machine table, machine cabinet panel, sporting equipment, wooden door etc.

Mould industry: wooden mould, aviation wooden mould

Musice instrument: three-dimensional wood carving in relief , and profile cutting

The Guarantee and after service:

1.Guarantee for one year.

2.24-hour technical support by email or calling.

Any question pleasecontact me


Product Related Information

How to select CNC router?

1,Choose Table Size

The users should choose the models and power as per own working demand and capital. Gennerally, Mini SizeCNC router table size is 600*900mm . The basic application of mini table size cnc router is to engrave double-color board. More smaller models prices are similiar with it.

More bigger size models have: 1200*1200mm, 1300*2500mm, 1500*2500mm 2000*3000mm and atc. Now theAcrylic and PVC sheet on offer are 1300*2400mm, so above modelsare available for them.


Spindles are the important parts of the CNC router, their performances play a key role in overall

machine , the spindles are divided into two kinds. One is precision processing spindles, another one ishigh power cutting spindles.

1)Features of precision spindles are of lower noise, higher rotation speed, They are applyed for

processing precision workpieces, such as Sealnameplates. Breastplate and etc, the spindles are of higher speed frequency one, power is less than250w . So They cannot cut off the thick workpieces.

2)High power cutting spindles are mainly for cutting off, deep engraving. The features are of superpower, specially for cut out texts and 3D texts , surely they can make the small nameplates and atc.

This kind of spindles contain Brushless higher rotation AC spindles and Brush AC spindles.

The differences between them are :

A .The rotation of brushless spindles are higher , large speed change range, up to 700-60000RPM. butbrush one cannot beyond 24000RPM.

B. Brush one rotating precision is higher, less wear, lower noise.

C.brushless one stall features are better, so short stall cannot burn the spindle motor, but brush onewill be burned when stalling and overloading.

D.Speed regulation of Brushless spindles are from Frequency conversion technique, durable and longerlife, the supplier also offer 1 year gurantee on quality . and it is also availabel to change bearingsinside to prolong usage.

3,Choose machine controller and speed .

A, All operations must be completed by PC, The pc must be under working conditions when machines work,then the PC cannot operate others works .

B. MCU control , this controller can save computer from single work, The PC can make designs whenmachine works.

C,USB tranfer, after save the data into the DSP panel , the PC can close and make other works, thisimprove working efficiency of cnc routers.


Big size CNC routers must adopt imported widen square rails , The bearing and precison are 30timesthan round rails.


The small size routers engrave 1 mm, or big size routers engrave 1.5 mm texts, they must be clear bymagnifying glass.

4 axis cnc router

4 axises cnc router

cnc router 4 axis

Design software and Control software.

1. Design software

· You could choose any editing software you are familiar with;

· To the 3D relief sculpturing works, professional design software are demanded, such as Artcut

(WenTai), Type3, Artcam, or other types.

· In fact, the principle is the same; software selection is not closely related to machine brands;

that means, the saying: different brand machinery, different design software is NOT reasonable

scientific idea.

· The main difference is different program format demands, usually G code is most popular.

· (with your familiar design software, make out your products, generating G code.)

2. Control software

· Then read G code by CNC router control system (such as Artcam), to finish machining works.

Warm Notice:

· For woodworking furniture industry, Type3, ARTCUM etc. are advised, and perform very well.

· ARTCUM is most suitable for 3D relief embossment.

· For advertising industry, there is no strict rules, any is ok.

· To the 3D relief sculpturing, most suitable tools are ball nose tools and flat bottom carbide


4 axis cnc router

4 axises cnc router

cnc router 4 axis

Tips for CNC Router Aluminum Cutting

Don’t be in a hurry

A CNC Router can cut aluminum. The price you’ll pay for success is slowing things down. Note that wedon’t mean to literally slow down your feeds and speeds, but your overall Material Removal Rates willbe less than what can be achieved with a purpose-built CNC mill. So relax and let the machine do itsthing. At the very least, a good sized CNC Router can fit a lot more material on its table than mostany CNC mill. Load it up, press the green button, and walk away.

Watch cut depths and slotting–they make it harder to clear chips

The deeper you cut and the closer to a slot the cutter travels in, the harder it is to clear the chips

out of the bottom of the hole. Make more passes to cut down to required depth and to open up theshallower depths for better access.

Lubricate with oil mist.

Assuming you’re suitably paranoid about those chips, the next issue is providing lubrication to cutdown on the tendency for the chips to stick to the cutting edges. You pretty much have to use somekind of lubricant. Since you’ve presumably already rigged up a compressed air blast, you may as wellrun coolant mist through the same mechanism. In fact, buy a mister to provide air blast and coolantmist. It’s easy and inexpensive.

Stepper vs Servo Motors:

The following will attempt to justly compare stepper vs servo motors assuming the following:

-The motors are of equal rated power

-Both motors we are comparing are of same quality

-Servo is equipped with an encoder

-Stepper is not equipped with an encoder

-The driver is assumed to provide the same features excluding feedback options

-The Servo motors are of DC Brushed type

Keep in mind that this is a comparison only and not a determination on which motor is “better”. Both motors should be viewed as separate technologies, both of which are capable motors given the correct setup and use.

Thanks for reading!

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