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Marble / Granite Nature Stone Bathtub Smoothness Surface OEM Service

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China factory OEM Dia. 1.2-1.7m nature stone bathtub lowest price


How to choose a suitable bathtub

In the hot summer, it is a great pleasure to return home after a busy day. you can take a bath in the hot water, then you can wash away your fatigue and enjoy a refreshing feeling.


However, if the bathtub is not well chosen, it is not only inconvenient to use, but also easy to scratch, fade and other problems. So how to choose a comfortable and beautiful stone bathtub, the underneath to tell you how to choose a suitable stone bathtub.

In the choice of stone bathtub need to consider many factors, the first consideration is the material, which is usually determined by the purchase of the budget; followed by the size and shape of the bathtub and hole position, these elements are the layout and size of the bathroom objectively determined; finally, also according to their own hobbies and preferences stone bathtub style and comfort. You should be clear about how big bathtubs you need. It's worth noting that the stone bathtub with the same size is not the same in depth, width, length and profile. If you prefer to dip in the deep water, check the height of the waste exit. In addition to this, there are convenient faucet design, different shapes and sizes of handrails for you to choose. If you like the bathtub installed in the corner, you should know that it occupies more space than the regular rectangular bathtub. You should check if the bathroom allows you to choose this bathtub.

The material of the bathtub determines its performance, so we should pay special attention to the material before buying. You can touch the surface of the bathtub to see whether it is smooth or not. You should also use your hand to tap the bathtub to judge the thickness of the bathtub, and if the bath is strong, you need to press it vigorously with your hands and step on it. All this needs to be judged by the buyer himself. In addition to buy Bath must "test the water", especially buy massage bath, if the motor sound is too large, often do not allow people to bath completely relax, to bring the spirit of a certain burden.



1. Look at glossiness. By looking at the gloss of the surface to understand the quality of the material, suitable for any kind of material of the bathtub.

2. The strength of hand and foot. The strength of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material. Visual inspection can not be seen. It is necessary to try it in person, if there is gravity, such as standing in and sinking.

3. Touch the smoothness of the surface. It is suitable for steel plate and cast iron bathtub, because these two kinds of bathtubs need plating enamel, the plating process is not good to appear fine ripples.

4. Listen to the sound. To buy high-grade bathtub, it is best to "test water" at the time of purchase and listen to the sound. If the motor noise of the massage bathtub is too loud and the enjoyment is not, it becomes a burden.

5. Evaluate the the after service. Besides product quality, brand and cost performance, after-sales service is also an important factor that consumers should consider, such as providing door-to-door measurement, installation services, etc.


It is take a lot of labor to cut a stone bathtub:

Size table of stone buthtub:


Length1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700mm
Width700 ~ 900mm
Height355 ~ 518mm
Size of the outletDN40 or DN50
Size of the overflowDN32 or DN50
Diameter of the drain60mm

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