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Custom High Hardness Artificial Quartz Slab Class A Crack Resistant

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Custom High Hardness Artificial Quartz Slab Class A Crack Resistant

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Custom High Hardness Artificial Quartz Slab Class A Crack Resistant


Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock. It is created when sandstone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure caused by tectonic plate compression in the crust of the earth. The stone is mined and sawn into slabs which are later precisely cut to become countertops. The tops are polished and sealed for beauty and durability.


Quartz countertops are often called artificial countertops because they are fabricated from natural silicon dioxide and synthetic materials. Our quartz slabs made up about 93 percent of the material.


Mohs: around 6-7

Slab size: 1.6*3.2m

Thickness: 20/30mm

Welcome CUSTOMIZED DESIGNS, There are more than 100 pcs of patterns available now in our factory.


Quartzite is generally found in white to gray. Pink and red hues are a result of iron oxide in the stone.

Yellow, blue, green and orange quartzite results from the presence of other minerals. Regardless of the color, the quartzite will have streaking caused by varying degrees of pressure in its formation and the random presence of iron oxide or other minerals.

Quartz, because pigment can be added, is available in a much wider range of colors for you to consider. The way the countertop material is formulated gives it the appearance of natural stone such as granite or marble.


Hardness and Durability:

Quartzite is harder than granite, so it is quite durable. It withstands heat very well. Quartz is hard too, but not quite as hard as quartzite. The resin used in manufacturing quartz countertops is a plastic, so it is prone to melting in heat above 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where quartz has an advantage over quartzite is that it is less prone to denting and chipping because it is more flexible. Both countertop materials can be scratched by sharp objects, and a cutting board should be used.


Countertop Maintenance:

Quartz requires very little maintenance. It wipes clean with a damp cloth. Abrasive cleaners should not be used on quartz, and they really aren’t needed. Ease of maintenance is the main advantage quartz countertops have over quartzite.


Testing data of our artificial quartz slab

Moh’s hardness (polished):6-7
Abrasion resistance(polished)51
Specular Gloss (60℃)42.5
Absorption by weight<0.05%
Flexural strength

Dry condition: 35.8Mpa;

Wet condition: 38.0Mpa

Compressive strength:

Dry condition: 199Mpa;

Wet condition: 192Mpa

Abrasion resistance of unglazed tiles (polished)39mm3
Linear thermal expansion coefficient35x10-6/℃
RadioactivityClass A

Some details:


Artificial quartz slab Packing:

7-15 slabs / bundle; 7-8 bundles / 1*20'FCL (Usually loading 21 T)

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