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IEC ASTM Stability Hot And Cold Thermal Shock Test Equipment Electronic Load

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IEC ASTM Stability Hot And Cold Thermal Shock Test Equipment Electronic Load

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Environmental Stability Hot And Cold Thermal Shock Test Chamber Temperature Climatic Testing



Thermal Shock Test Chamber is used to test the bearing extent of the material structures and composite material in an instant and continuous high temperature and extremely low temperature environment , that is in the shortest time to test its thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical change or physical harm. Testing box is divided into two parts, one is high-temperature zone, another is low-temperature zone, the testing samples are placed in the moving basket, using unique heat storage and cool storage, the cylinder taking basket moves up and down in hot zone and cold zone to complete the extremely high and low temperature impact testing.



Inner size: WHD(cm)40*35*3050*30*4050*40*4050*50*4060*40*5060*50*50
External size: WHD(cm)150*180*150160*175*160160*185*160160*185*170170*185*170170*195*
Temperature range(Test Chamber)high temperature:+60ºC~+200ºC;low temperature -10ºC~-65ºC(A:-45ºC;B:-55ºC;C:-65ºC)
Heating TimeRT~200ºC About 30min
Cooling TimeRT~-70ºC About 85min
Temperature Conversion TimeLess than 10S
Temperature Recovery TimeLess than 5min
Temperature Deviation±2.0ºC
Temperature Fluctuation±0.5ºC

External material: SUS#304 Stainless steel plate

Internal material:SUS#304Stainless steel plate

Output ModeWater-cooled or air-cooled, Tecumseh compressor in France
ControllerTEMI South Korea
Cooling SystemWater-cooled or air-cooled, Tecumseh compressor in France
Protection devices

Fuse switch, compressor overload switch, refrigerant high and low pressure

protection switch,super humidity over-temperature protection switch,

fuse, failure warning system

PartsWatching window;50mm testing hole; partition plat
PowerAC380V 50/60Hz Three-phase four-wire ac power
weight (kg)7507908308809501050
Customized serviceWelcome to Non-standard, Special requirements, OEM/ODM orders.



1. Highly accurate temperature recovery

2. 1000 cycles continuous operation (option: defrost-free operation)

3. Accurate and dependable test result (option: product temperature control*)

4. Monitoring product temperature (option: product temperature monitor with trigger function)

5. Patent parallel refrigeration system improves reliability

6. Automatic setting of pre-cooling and pre-heating in energy saving, Eco operation mode

7. Minimizing defrosting burden with defrost-free operation (option: defrost-free operation)

8. Parallel refrigerator control system for energy-saving control




MIL-STD-883E Method 1011.9 Thermal Shock
MIL-STD-202G Method 107G thermal Shock
JIS C 0025 Change of temperature
IEC 61300-2-47 Tests-Thermal Shocks
JESD22-A104C Temperature cycling
GB/T 2423.22-2012 Test N: Change of temperature




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