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Qingdao Rongtian Chemical Co.,Ltd

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Address: 117-2 Purple Mountain road Huangdao District Qingdao

Phone: 86-532-8098-0915

Qingdao Rongtian Chemical Co.,Ltd

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Rongtian Chemical, Firstly established in 2000 in Henan province, Rongtian Chemical has grown up to be a group company manufacturing and exporting Pentaerythritol.

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Product Description Items PR1-120 PR1-130 PR1-140 test method appearance Pastille Pastille Pastille ...
Product Description Items PR1-90 PR1-100 PR1-110 test method appearance pastille pastille pastille ...
Product Description Items specification Sodium formate % min 92 95 97 Organic Substance % max 6.0 5...
Product Description 1.Industry Grade Items Specification Calcium Formate % min 98.0 Ca % min 30.0 ...
Product Description Items Specification Di-PE wt.% min. 85.0 90.0 Mono-PE wt. % max. 5.0 5.0 Tri-PE ...
Product Description Items Specification Mono-PE wt.% min 86 90 95 98 Hydroxyl wt.% min 46.0 47.0 47...

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Company Name: Qingdao Rongtian Chemical Co.,Ltd
City: qingdao
Province: shandong
Country: china
Address: 117-2 Purple Mountain road Huangdao District Qingdao