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Qinhuangdao Yan Ran Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd.

Qinhuangdao Yan Ran Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd.

About Us

Qinhuangdao Yan Ran Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in water treatment equipment in the production, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and living sewage, wastewater treatment process, design, installation, commissioning operation of environmental protection enterprises.

   Yan Ran water environment with a number of professional and technical experts, in the sewage treatment process has rich design, debug operations experience in the production of wastewater, particularly in the meat processing, hospitals, wine, electroplating, printing and dyeing, iron and steel, Mine water treatment and other areas successful practice experience.

In the water purification works, and international suppliers Dow membrane, can Hyde, Branch was established extensive cooperation in water treatment equipment, the large number of users with a wide variety of quality filtration equipment, ion exchange equipment, Disinfection equipment, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration equipment, in addition to iron, manganese equipment, automatic softened water equipment, drugs and devices, cellular fill, flexible filler, filler combination of sewage treatment facilities and equipment such as boilers deaerator.

   Yan Ran environment uphold honest man, the principle of practical work, fast, thoughtful service, Yuanyuanda, the joint endeavor to build a better tomorrow!
Corporate Culture
Yan Ran mission :With wisdom, experience and innovation, and resources of the stone into the cause of the
Target :Build water treatment industry brand name in China, a Chinese industry pioneer
Core values :Win this one, excellence, ethics, sharing, openness and tolerance, efficiency and effectiveness, the quality of eternal
Corporate style :Quick response, abide by its commitments, pragmatic and cooperative spirit, operating in accordance with the law, management science, business civilization, high-quality services and excellent quality, skilled and innovative
Product ideas :Humane, standardization, technology-driven
Development concept :I demand of you is the driving force of innovation
The quality of ideas :Only one chance
Marketing idea :Will be the beginning of integrity-centered, proud of customer satisfaction, creating value for customers
Values :Personal values derived from business, business value from the community
Management concept :Management flexibility is perhaps a kind of art, a flexible system is certainly a disaster
Team Concept :Thick, gathered crowds, while all-strong.
Talent Concept :Heiner rivers are essential
Blue Concept :Have kept their promises, Yinuoqianjin
Cultural ideas :Innovation to improve, expand, sustainable development, Chang Fu-long
World view Buhuo wise, brave fear, the letter-have, benevolent invincible.
The spirit of enterprise :Unity, professionalism, pragmatism, innovation, integrity, loyalty, aggressive

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Company info

Company Name: Qinhuangdao Yan Ran Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd.
City: Qinhuangdao
Province: Hebei
Country: China
Address: Qinhuangdao, 263-ROAD Hebei ICP record 000,000,00
Zip: 066000
Website: http://www.qhdyr.com/