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High precision digital fuel level sensor /underground tank gauge / fuel management system for gas station

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High precision digital fuel level sensor /underground tank gauge / fuel management system for gas station

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Product Details

Automatic Diesel Fuel Tank gauging system

Fuel tank level gauge consist of Magnetostrictive probe (mode:SYW-A, SYW-A1)and Touch screen control console (mode:TCM-1,TCC-3).

SYW-A magnetostrictive probe installed in the tank, with magnetostrictive technology,can accurately measure the fuel level ,water level,ullage and multiple temperature.

Touch control console installed in the petrol station control room, it can automatically probe data acquisition and processing, real-time display tank storage information, realize the tank leak detection, automatic unloading, record query, control multi-channel submersible pump,oil level alarm, data upload, and other functions.


SYW-A Magnetostrictive Probe




Probe Performance


PurposeTo measure product level, water level and temperature
Titles of mediumGasoline, diesel, kerosene, ethanol , water etc.
State of mediumLiquid
Explosion-proof gradeExiaIIBT4 (Intrinsically safe)
Pressure range-0.02Mpa~0.6Mpa
CertificatePCEC Conformity Certificate of Explosion-proof / Permit of Manufacture Measuring Instruments
Product Level Accuracy±0.3mm
Water Level Accuracy±0.3mm
Temperature Accuracy±0.2℃
Height Resolution0.023mm
Temperature EffectError<0.2mm
Vibration EffectError<0.5mm
Lowest Product Inactive Zone2.5'' floater-180mm
Lowest Water Inactive Zone2.5'' floater-25mm
Measured VariableProduct level, interface level and temperature of 5 sensors and average temperature
Probe Length600~4000mm
Method of CommunicationRS-485
Probe Material1Cr18Ni9Ti
Power Supply+24~26VDC
Protection Class of Probe CanisterIP67
Max Communication Distance1200m




TCM-1 Touch Control Console



It can monitor up to 12 tanks and monitor the delivery conditions, it also enjoys a static leak test function.


It can display product level, water level, temperature, volume, ullage.




ItemsPerformance index
Supply VoltageAC 120V~265V 50Hz
Ambient Temperature-20℃~+60
Ambient Humidity20%~85%
Screen Dimension7 Inch
Display ModeEnglish,graphic,LCD
Monitor up to1~8 (Max 12)
Transmission Mode with Central Control SystemRS-232 (within 15m)
Transmission Mode with Magnetostrictive probeRS-485 (within 1200m)



Indicator Lamp

Power LEDLight(green)Power is normal
Not lightNo power or abnormality
Warning LEDGlimmerIts an alarm signal
Not glimmerNo alarm information
Printer LEDLight (green)Printer work well
Glimmer (green)Paper is not put away

Installation Environment

  • Hang on the convenient place on the gas station office. Tips as following:
  • No clashing, No dropping
  • The Console should be hanged so that it is level.
  • Please assure the Power Ground connect the earth well
  • Away from the polluted and dangerous environment

System Operations


  1. Authority Management: Its only need a password to setup the Magnetostrictive Probe parameter, others free operation.
  2. Parameter Setting: Customers can setup parameters about tank, time and tank volume table.
  3. Auto-monitoring: Monitoring up 1~8 (max 12) tanks, display all the tank information of real time.
  4. Automatic Gauge: Display fuel level, water level, temperature, inventory and ullage, monitor the fuel delivery condition of real time. Display dynamically the change of fuel and water level with graphic and scale.
  5. Inventory Report: Users can inquire and print the inventory at any moment.
  6. Manual Delivery: Set up fuel delivery parameter, an automatic generating delivery report would be printed after delivery.
  7. Tank Volume Table Edition: Users can input the tank volume table from computer, or input it word by word through touch screen. Tank with the same volume can be copied in the system, need not input one by one.
  8. Static Leak Detection:During the idle time of the gas station, operator can do the leak detection ( 0.38 L/h ) for the tank ,also can print the delivery report.
  9. Alarm: High fuel level alarm, low fuel level alarm, high water level alarm, fuel temperature upper limit alarm, fuel temperature lower limit alarm. With audible and visual alarm signal, audible alarm can be removed. It can connect with an outside explosion-proof ringer to avoid the fuel spilled.
  10. Parameter Inquiry: Users can inquire the tank parameter, time parameter, and tank volume parameter.
  11. Shift Exchange: Click the Shift” button to accomplish shift exchange.
  12. Print: All the report can be printed with an internal printer.
  13. Communication Interface: Reserve two RS-232 port; achieve fuel buy, sale and stock data upload.
  14. Intelligent control of oil pump: Control oil pump though use of relay avoiding that the oil spilled or pumpdown.
  15. It enjoys tank volume table calibration function.

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