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Address: KunGang Road 888#, Songjiang District, ShangHai city, China, 201614

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        Shanghai Vakia Coating Technology Co., Ltd. is a proud member of the DAH YOUNG Vacuum Technical

Group, a worldwide supplier of high quality vacuum equipment with key locations around the globe.  

Research and Development technology are supported by United States and Shanghai.  Hi-tech machine

manufacturing centers are located in  Shanghai.  A global network of service centers ensures fast customer

service response in key locations.

       Vakia’s working principle of careful design, high quality component’s selection, good assembly process

and investment in building a strong knowledge base of talented technicians enables the ability to offer total

coatingsolutions with very high quality vacuum equipment.

       Vakia is determined to serve the worldwide market in various industries such as: consumer electronics,

automotive, renewable energy, architecture, Nano and bio-medical materials.  

         ASC - The ASC series equipment can produce highly reflective black films specifically for high quality

decorative coatings.  

       HMC - The HMC vacuum deposition system is an advanced technology that combines PVD and PECVD

coating processes for automotive lighting applications, effectively reducing production costs by enhancing

yield rates and minimizing waste.

       OSC - The OSC coating equipment key features are reliable quality, high throughput with very low power


      Live Locally, Think Globally is the motto that captures the spirit of the Vakia business model.  Striving to

be a pioneer and leader in the vacuum coating equipment industry we are never satisfied with the status quo.

Our goal is to continually explore the ever changing world of the vacuum coating industry to create optimal

social, economic and environmental benefits for our customers.


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City: shanghai
Province: shanghai
Country: china
Address: KunGang Road 888#, Songjiang District, ShangHai city, China, 201614