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High Strength Expanded Foam Sheet , White Kitchen Exterior Foam Board

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High Strength Expanded Foam Sheet , White Kitchen Exterior Foam Board

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Product Details

3FT * 6FT * 1/5IN High-strength White Expanded PVC Foamed Board For Outdoor Kitchen



High-strength White Expanded PVC Foamed Boards:


Awesome PVC foamed board comes in a wide range of thicknesses and in a full line of standard colors, with custom colors available upon request.

PVC sheet board is very suitable for mechanical working and ideal for sawing, drilling and milling.PVC foamed Board is ideal for printing direct onto, suiting a wide range of display applications. The main material is PVC & Calcium Carbonate. these high density PVC rigid boards are becoming the substitution of wood in many fields such as AD and Decoration. Being a rigid, durable and hard wearing material, it is ideal for various applications including Outdoor Signs, Graphics Panels and Exhibition Display Boards.

PVC sheet board is a flexible, economical, extremely versatile PVC-U sheet.

Expanded PVC free foamed board is notably used for a large range of projects with top applications including point of purchase displays, signage, storage, store fixtures, exhibits/kiosks, dimensional lettering and display boards. Fabricators and designers love working with Awesome Plastic because it is lightweight, easy to fabricate, paint and laminate. The smaller cell structure of PVC free foamed board’s optimal density provides for edge finishing and superior screw & staple retention, while great fastening characteristics and fire properties make it easy to work with. Designers choose Awesome Plastic because they know the quality of their work will show through, every time.


The Application of Expanded PVC Foamed Board:


The Expanded PVC Foam Board could be used in many area like:

Outdoor And Indoor Signage

Store And Point-of-Purchase

Exhibits Signature

Cabinet Boards

Wallrobe,closet, Cupboard, Bathroom panels

Interior Decoration Boards

Road and Yard Signs

Exhitbition Desk

Digital Screen Printing, laminating, Vinyl Lettering

Forming Projects

Emboss Projects

Trade Show Booths

Menu Board

THe Advertisment sheet for printing, engraving, cutting, sawing

Architectural decoration and upholstery

Decoration for partition wall and shop windows

For Advertisment Use


here are some features to help you undetstand what the PVC Celuka foam board:


Brand NameAwesome Plactice
Density0.45g/cm3, 0.55g/cm3,  0.35g/cm3
SizeAs requirement
Thinckness13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 20mm
ApplicationFurtniture Industry, Dispaly board, Signature Boards
Tensile Strength9.5-14.5 MPa
Melting Tempertature260℉
Maximum Operating Temp180℉
Impact Resistance

20-30 kJ/m2

Surface Hardness48


Perfect Features Including:


Easy to sanituze nature

Rigid, Durable and wearing

Water-proof, Suitable for outdoor furniture

Can be cut and shaped with most tools

Moisture resistance

Light weight, Good tenacity, Rigidity

Good insulation

No sopping, No deformation

Easy to Precessed

Good Plasticity

Sub-light Surface and elegant vision

Suitable to silk screen printing or UV direct printing

Chemical Resistance

Not easy aging


Lightweight Surface smooth

Good flexibility and toughness

Cost-effective compared to other matine solitions

Low maintenace


Here are the close-looking details:


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