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No Poison Pvc Sheet Manufacturing Machine 720mm Width OEM / ODM Available

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No Poison Pvc Sheet Manufacturing Machine 720mm Width OEM / ODM Available

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Product Details


5 Roll Rigid PVC Calender Machine Line For Medicine Packing



Equipment list


1ZJF-700 series spring charger1 Set
2SRL-300/600 mixer unit1 Set
3PRE-137 Planetary extruder1 Set
4Vibrate Conveyor1 Set

SY-5L 950 Seven-roller Calendar-polished line

Latest PLC Controlled-touching screen, small shrinkage line

1 Set
6Temperature controller system9 Sets
7Broken-selvage Return Conveyor2 Sets
8FQL-1100 IIIComputer Controlled Slitting Machine1 Set
9PC600BM Crusher

1 Set




Product Features:


1. Thickness range:0.1mm~0.7mm

2. Max Width:720mm(Max width that we can provide is 2100mm)

3. High tenacity,light weight and even thickness

4. Free from impurity

5. Good impact and abrasion resistance,corrosion resistance,aging resistance,Anti-UV,Anti-irradiation

6. Easy molding,heat fast

7. Effective protect from Oxygen and Vapor.

8. Safety and no Poison.





SY-5Γ950 Calendar line is able to produce a wide range of PVC film and sheet products for different applications. For example, Pharmaceutical grade PVC sheet,medincine Package.

The line is composed of φ320×950mm roller “L” type 5-roll Calendar, PRE-137 planetary extruder, and together with up-stream and down-stream auxiliary equipment.



Application Range:


1. All kinds of pharmaceutical packaging,including Tablets, capsules, injection tray, tray oral

2. Various types of food packaging,including Candy, fruit,food trays



Technical Specifications:


1. Appearance quality requirements: Transparent color consistency, cracks, scars, uneven wrinkled, perforation, precipitation, lack of edge, oil is not allowed.

2. Physical performance: Water vapor transmission rate <1.8g ,Oxygen transmission rate <2.2

3. Chemical performance: Vinyl chloride monomer content <1/1, 000,000, easily oxide <1ml

4. Microbial indicators:  Bacterial count <100, mold <30, Escherichia coli can not be detected, no abnormal toxicity



Using Parameters:


Suction bulb temperature: 80℃ — 120℃,110℃ normally






1. PVC sheet production line has such characteristics as high intensity, good temperature resistance, good rot proof, etc. It can be produced with additives to different requirement such as improving intensity, improving toughness, improving rigidity, flame retardant, embossing, frosting, etc.
2. Applications: Such as packing, printing, stationery, art works, etc.

3. Main product: Gift/ad/file bag, lamp cover, food packing, etc.
4. Production scope: Thickness 0.2-2mm width Max. 2100mm





1. The screw was designed special mixed material and high plastic so that it flux plastic, color and luster equality, output heighten;

2. Clothes Model DIE was designed special double throttle, it adjust thickness of sheet exactly;

Temperature control±1°C, it can exactitude control the course of plastic and thickness and unknit of sheet;

3. Molding unit adopt horizontal and vertical, it provide more choice in the operate course of thick sheet, sheet metal by fluctuation at liberty and increase quality of sheet;

4. Adjusting thickness of sheet by screw and oil pressure pressing wheel double direction so as to achieve thickness exactly;

5. Pressing double loop cooling system, concert die temperature controller exactly control pressing wheel temperature so as to achieve unknit and thickness equally;

6. Cutter: length and quantity of sheet achieve nicely;

7 . Furling setting: it adopts senior torsion motor and four axis automatic tensions, and adjusts speed and furling tension at will for furling sheet metal unit. Dividing strip unit set width of products;




User self-care items:



Equipment List



Water Source and recycling




Water Pool 40 cubic meters




Water Tower 20-25t



Gas Source




Air Compressor:8MPA,Scroll type


need 0.3-0.4MPA actually

Gas storage






Transformer 350KVA




Length 50m,Width10-20m

(not less than 10m),

Height 6-7m


1,Mixing plant should be separated

with producing plant.

2,If the two lines are in the same workshop,we suggest to seperate them.

Warehouse for products



Warehouse for material





Calender Features


A -    The rolls are made of chilled cast iron with vanadium and titanium alloys. The roll face is hard and anti-wear. To heat up or cool down, the rolls are either circumferentially drilled or centrally bored so as to make temperature well proportioned on the roll surface

B-   The rolls are arranged in I forms. The upper rolls have roll cambers that can eliminate bending impact on rolls during working process. Thus, it is possible to make products with same thickness along axial direction

C- The transmission system adopts a hard facing gear reducer, which has a compacted structure with higher transmission efficiency, lower noise and longer service life

D- The machine is equipped with emergency device. When an emergent accident occurs, the calendar will be immediately stopped to open the roll space so as to protect the operator and equipment

E- Use a mould temperatuer controller





1- Three rolls calender machine with single screw extrusion line has been overtime for many years.

2- Planetary extruder and five rolls calender has take place of the above machines for rigid PVC sheet products.

3- it will be more effective,lower cost,easier maintaince,longer life and better quality.



Calender Sepecifications




1. Oversea installation guide.

2. Oversea test running

3. Ovsersea worker training

4. Technical support

5. Spare parts supply

6. Technical operation support

7. Formula and processing support








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