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C Z Purlin Interchangeable Steel Rolling Machine / Metal Roll Forming Machine In Warehouse Building

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C Z Purlin Interchangeable Steel Rolling Machine / Metal Roll Forming Machine In Warehouse Building

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C Z Purlin Interchangeable Steel Rolling Machine / Metal Roll Forming Machine in Warehouse Building



Machine Overview :


1. C/Z Purlin machine can produce both C Purlin and Z Purlin. The C change into Z operations is easy.
C purlin size range: 100-300mm, and Purlin size range:100-300. Also the C/Z Purlin can be designed according to customers requiry.
2. C/Z Purlin machine can adjust the both C size and Z size quickly by the adjusted backboard which was fixed the wall , and very easy operation.
3. The cutting parts no need to change the mold, just by adjust certain size, it can cutting the fixed length purlin properly by automated programe .
4. C/Z Purlin machine can save much of the workshop place and working time.
5. Usually the machine is suitable for the size of C100-300 & Z100-300 C Z purlin,  PLC automated control system for this interchangeable roll forming machine.


C/Z interchangeable purlin roll forming machine Details : 

    C,Z purline adopt high strength steel plate and shaped after cold forming, it has wall thickness homogeneous, size and dimension can be adjusted, big compression strength ect characteristics. The C purline machine which after cold forming, although the section dimension is light, it corresponds with carrying capability’s feature for roof purline and makes steel’s mechanical efficiency into full playing. It can make the C,Z purline can lighten the construction roof’s weight, reduce project steel quantity. So it becomes economic high efficiency steel. It is new building material instead of angle iron, channel steel, steel tube and tradition purline. C,Z purline and light metal tile using together is the best choice for light steel construction.
The C,Z purline’s use has following features:
Light weight, low cost .
    Simple construction, the purline can be cutting length well by professional processing plant, punching, finished at the same time, when carrying to construction plant, it can be installed directly.


Detail Specifications

1. 5 Ton Passive Decoiler

1) Structure of pedestal, braking, mandrel holder, slider narrow and expanding
2) Capacity of decoiler:5Ton
3) Max. width: 500mm
4) Inner diameter for coil: 440mm-530mm
5) Out diameter: 1500mm

2. Feeding Guide & Straighten Device

1) The purpose is to guide the metal sheet into the roll forming machine and make sure the metal sheet at the correct position with the roll forming system.
2) It can be left and right adjusted by adjusting the screw. Also the left and right adjusting can be independent operating.
3) The five roller straighten leveling device is quenched and hard chrome coated to straighten the rough sheet and reduce the material strength for roll forming.
4) Motor for feeding and straighten device:5.5KW

3. Hydraulic System for Punching and Fixed Length Pre-cutting Device

1) This device consisted by punching mould, cutting blade, oil cylinder and hydraulic station.
2) Pre-cutting before roll forming which no need to change cutting mould.
3) Material of punching and cutting blade:Cr12Mov, quench hardness58-62
4) Power for cutting: Hydraulic power:7.5KW

4. Main Roll Forming Machine

1) Raw Material: forming thickness 2.0-4.0mm, Yield strength Q235 galvanized steel and hot rolled steel
2) Roll forming station: 20 stations
3)Rectify roll station: 2 stations
4) Axis Diameter: ∅85mm
5) Shaft material: 45# high grade steel
6) Roller material:Gcr15 bearing steel, forged and quenched hardnessHRC58-62
7) Roller process: CNC lathe processed, surface polished or black treated
8) The gap between upper layer rollers and bottom layer rollers can be adjusted by screw according to different thickness sheet.
9) The interchange from C to Z is only need to adjust two station rollers
10) Motor power:18.5KW
11) Transmission: High strength chain
12) Working speed:0-15 m/min(Not including cutting time)

5. Electrical Control System

1) The whole line controlled by PLC control and frequency speed control to achieve automatic.

    The friendly interface can set the bath, product length and quantity.
2) PLC: Panasonic, Japan
3) Frequency control: YASKAWA, Japan, 18.5KW
4) Other low voltage: Schneider
5) Encoder: Omron
6) Operate panel: Touch screen

6. Run-out Table

Consisted by tubular frame with support rollers to load and transfer products



The Equipment list is as follows:






Loading the coil material

Feeding guide  device


Feeding and guide the material sheet

Straighten and Leveling rollers


Seven rollers to straighten and leveling material

Main roll forming machine


Roll form the metal sheet

Hydraulic punching device


Punching holes on the shaped profile

Hydraulic Cutting blade


Cutting the formed products

Hydraulic Station


Provide power for cutting

Automated PLC control cabinet


Electrical control system

Output table


Load the finished products

Main specification:

● Material thickness: 2.0--4.0  mm
● Material width: depend on customer’s requirement
● Decoiler Type: manual or automatical type ( depend on customer’s requirement )
● Weight Capacity Of Decoiler: 5 Ton
● Main Motor Power: 18.5 Kw
● Hydraulic Motor Power: 5.5 Kw
● Forming Station: 20 stations 
● Working Speed: 0-15 m/min
● Transporting Type: Chain Transmission
● Type of Cutting: Hydraulic cutting
● Electrical Control: Automated PLC Frequency Control System with touch screen
● Encoder: OMRON
● Transducer: YASKAWA
● Machine Weight: approximated 6.5 Ton

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