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High Stability PTC Water Heating Element , Ceramic Water Heater Eco Friendly

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High Stability PTC Water Heating Element , Ceramic Water Heater Eco Friendly

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Product Details

High Stability PTC Water Heating Element , Ceramic Water Heater Eco Friendly​


How to Order


In order to help you get the exact model, please offer the following necessary info.:


1. application of the PTC heater:_________

2. working environment of PTC heater:________

3. the range of operation temperature:___°c to ___°c

*4. dimension and the drawing of the heater

*5. dimension: _____mm* _____mm* _____mm

*6. power: _____W

*7. voltage: _____V

*8. wind speed: _____m/s

*9. insulated or not insulated

* Fill " * " items necessarily.





ApplicationFoot tub, home appliance industry of electric appliances

The PTC water heater can be widely applied to electric appliances,like Foot tub, home appliance,etc.




 Operating voltageInsulation voltageSurface temperatureRated power
Embedded liquid heater6V-240V> 3750V100 ℃ ~ 290 ℃20W ~ 800W
Fluid liquid heater6V-240V> 3750V80 ℃ ~ 290 ℃20W ~ 2000W




1. submerged liquid heater application design

This is a submerged liquid heating (T-type PTC heater), the heater probe into the liquid container is heated, the liquid to obtain a constant temperature. PTC element used as the heat source, with fast heating, heat thermostat, self-adjusting power, heat conversion rate, anti-scale ability, even if no damage and so dry. It is widely used in various types of electric appliances in the home appliance industry.

Embedded liquid heater technology parameters:

Operating voltage: 6V-240V

Insulation voltage:> 3750V, through special insulation treatment, safe and reliable

Surface temperature: 100 ℃ ~ 290 ℃

Rated power: 20W ~ 800W

2. fluid liquid heater application design

     This is a fluid liquid heater (also called foot tub with a tubular heater PTC), our company is for the foot bath product launch another product, mainly used in high-end to the cycle of heating foot bath products above, with the use of easy installation, long life, easily damaged and other traditional heating materials (for example: quartz glass) unmatched features. Further dimensions can be customized to customer's actual installation size, product quality in a leading position in the peer.

Fluid liquid heater technical parameters:

Operating voltage: 6V-240V

Insulation voltage:> 3750V, through special insulation treatment, safe and reliable

Surface temperature: 80 ℃ ~ 290 ℃

Rated power: 20W ~ 2000W



Competitive Advantage:

1. Leak-proof, excellent insulating property 

2. High power

3. Safety and reliability 

4. OEM for your design

5. Stable performance



Foot Bath Item PTC Water Heater PTC Heating Element High Stability & Quality






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