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Food Grade Stainless Steel Mesh Screen For Sieving / Plastic Seperation

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Food Grade Stainless Steel Mesh Screen For Sieving / Plastic Seperation

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City & Province hengshui hebei
Categories Fishing Vessel

Product Details

AISI 304 316 Stainless Steel Filter Wire Mesh Micron Screen for sieving,screen changer


Decription of stainless steel crimped mesh:


PFM Screen Co.,Ltd can produce micron stainless steel woven filter wire mesh,micron wire mesh,crimped woven wire mesh,dutch  weave wire mesh,reverse dutch weave wire mesh.


stainless steel woven filter  wire mesh refers to wire mesh which is super fine, so it is also called stainless steel wire cloth,micron screen.this kind of mesh is usually used for micron filtering industry,such as air filtering,liquid filter and small solid filtering.


namewoven micron stainless steel filter wire mesh
weave typeplain weave,twill weave
wire mesh60-635 mesh count per inch
wire diameter0.02mm-0.12mm
materialstainless steel 304,304L,316,316L
width1.02m,1.22m,or as per order requreiement
length30meter per roll or as per order, we also can cut it into piece according requirement
applicationspharma,chemical analysis,food and baverage filtering and so on

crimped filter wire mesh refer to coarse wire mesh.mild wire mesh,the wire diameter of crimped mesh is bigger than that of stainless steel fine woven mesh,so crimped wire mesh if of high strength,can used as protection fence,coal mine sieveing screen and wire mesh for hoggery.


namecrimped wire mesh for filtration
opening sizesquare,rectangle
mesh 1-20 mesh count per inch
wire diameter0.5mm-3mm
materialstainless steel 304 316 316L ,carbon steel,mild wire mesh,galvanized wire
applicationscoal mine sieving,protection mesh fence,pig beeding mesh


Dutch weave wire mesh is another kind of stainless steel woven wire mesh,this mesh count of warp and weft is different,the thickness is bigger than than of stainless steel fine mesh,Dutch weave wire mesh is widely used as micron filtering material of environmental protection equipment.


The following is specifications of dutch weave wire mesh cloth

Weave TypeMesh CountWarp Wire
in Inches
Shute Wire
in Inches
Micron Rating
Micron Rating
Per 100 sq.'
PDW -24x1282 x .0100.004110-1207534
PDW -30x1502 x .009.007"95-1136033

Reverse dutch weave filter wire mesh is a kind of dutch weave wire mesh,the mesh count per inch of warp wire is more than that of weft wire,then to form much more thickner of mesh surface.reverse dutch weave wire mesh is widely used as plastic extruder machine.


The following is datas of reverce dutch weave wire mesh:

MeshWire diameter

Features of metal screen mesh

1. corrosion resistant,stainless steel grade is acid and alkali resistant.

2. high temperature resistant,can bear 800 degree centigrade

3. uniform wire diameter,error is +-2micron

4. stable structure


Specifications of steel wire mesh screen:

1. Consistent pore size distribution guarantees a significantly higher particle separation

2. material:SUS304 316 316L,316L is mainly designed for marine aquaculture and pharmacy.

3. mesh count per liner inch:2-635mesh

4. wire thread can be from 0.08” to 0.0008”

5.width:usually 40” and 48”,special can be ordered


Applications of filter mesh fabric ss:

1. Chemical filtering

2. Food and beverage for food filtering

3. Mining,main use coarse mesh,such as crimped wire mesh

4. Refining,mail use stainless steel fine mesh

5. Healthcare

6. Architectural ,advise crimped wire mesh and coarse wire mesh used as protection mesh

7. Acoustic,headphone net

8. Automotive

9. Security,PVC coated stainless steel mesh 11mesh.

10. Pharmaceutical: food grade stainless steel fine mesh

11. Quarry,advise carbon steel mesh

12. Electrical Cigarette:super thin stainless steel metal mesh fabric






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