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Hermitically Sealed Single Phase Kwh Meter MCB Surge Electric Meter Safety

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Hermitically Sealed Single Phase Kwh Meter MCB Surge Electric Meter Safety

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Product Details

Hermitically Sealed Single Phase Kwh Meter MCB Surge Electric Meter Safety 


The DDSY168-E is an economy type sinle phase prepayment meter. It is built in keypad based compact BS footprint housing equiped with a extended transparent terminal cover fitting with MCB. The meter is a cost-effective controller for revenue collection and credit dispensing in low voltage residential environments. Thanks to its dynamic range of 5(80)Amp current and 30Vm Rf withstand immunity, the meter is operatable even in very harsh environments.


The DDSY168-E  upper closure is made of poly-carbonate flame retardant material ,hermitically sealed against illegal intrusion. It isintended for rich metering features to provide a broad range of information such as V, A, PF, P, balance. It also supports tamper detection and SRE (significant reverse energy) measurement for active energy.


The meter provides a metal backplate fixture . This feature enables the meter to be tightly fixed agaisnt the mounting surface to prevent tamper and sabtage.


Major Features

a) Display trip status

b) Programmable power limit and low credit warning

c) Unidirectional measurement for active energy

d) Display valuable meter information by inputting short codes

e) Optical port data output

f) IP 54 rating

g) Surge protection for up to 13kV lightening


 Key benefits


1) Low cost and easy to deploy and maintenance

2) Compact, and durable

3) Tamper proof for revenue protection

4) LED consumption indicator

5) Muti-rate and holiday setting





Nominal voltage Un

220/230/240 V

Limited voltage


Nominal frequency fn


Basic current(Ib)


Maximum current(Imax)


Starting current(Ist)


Active energy constant


Accuracy as Active energy to IEC62053‐21


Power consumption in Voltage circuit

<2W  <8VA

Power consumption in current circuit


Operating temperature

25℃ to+70℃

Storage temperature

40℃ to+85℃

Insulation level

4kV rms for 1min

Impulse voltage withstand

8kV, 1.2/50 μs

Air discharge


Immunity to HF fields


80MHz to 2GHz with load


100kHz to 1GHz without load


Fast transient burst test


Meter shell Protection Rate


Insulation System Classification

 Protective Class II


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