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Lithium Battery Remote Reading Water Flow Meter , Prepaid Water Meter

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Shenzhen Hexcell Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

Lithium Battery Remote Reading Water Flow Meter , Prepaid Water Meter

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Product Details

Lithium Battery Remote Reading Water Flow Meter , Prepaid Water Meter



Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China             Brand Name: Hexcell          Model Number: LXZ-15E ~ 25E


Type: Wireless Remote Reading Water          Material: Brass Body          Size: DN15 ~ DN25



Product Description

   Intelligent Digital Water Meter with Digital Water Meter Reading has non-magnetic signal acquisition, 

water measurement and storage, easy networking, remote data transmission and other functions. The management center can read real-time data. After a long term research and experiment the subordinate count gear box was removed to reduce wear and rotational resistance to extend mechanical life. The signal is durable and reliable through non-magnetic technology.


Hamic: High-accuracy of independent impeller rotating on non-metallic bearing in stable non-magnetic signal response technology.



※  Special meter reading frequency band,wireless transmission,high meter reading success rate .


  Micro power,built-in high-capacity lithium battery,battery life is more than six years .


※  Support remote control valve on-off .


※  Method of communication:Wireless communication,frequency band 480MHz .


※  Step charging:System management software can realize the price setting of five steps.Charging

standard and setting standard for different steps can be set by the management department .


※  Prepaid function:Prepaid function can be realized through the software .


※  Alarm function:Low voltage alarm,automatic data error correction,error alarm .


※  Magnetic protection function:When the water meter is subjected to external magnetic attack,the

water meter closed the valve automatically . 


※  Valve closing under voltage function:When the battery power is lower than the under-voltage,the

meter automatically closes the valve and uploads data report .


※  Data saving function:Data will not be lost during power down.And data can be stored for more

than ten years .


※  Overdraft function: The value can be opened by force after closing the valve in arrears.Users can use 1m³ overdraft.It solves the water problem of users who can't recharge in time.


※  Reliable remote transmission.Using remote optical isolation design, supporting unlimited real-

time meter reading.Can effectively resist magnetic, ferroelectric and lightning interference.


※  High degree of protection.The meter reaches IP68 protection level.


※  Smart platform. Real-time measurement, M-Bus remote information, large-capacity information

storage, self-test status, remote monitoring.


※  Easy maintenance. Components and batteries are field-replaceable.



Measure Unit0.1m³
Measurement Range Ratio(Q3/Q1)63/80/100
Overflow Flowrate(Q4)3.125m³/h5m³/h7.875m³/h20m³/h
Common Flowrate(Q3)2.5 m³/h4 m³/h6.3 m³/h16 m³/h
Demarcation Flowrate(Q2)0.05m³/h0.08m³/h0.126m³/h0.32m³/h
Minimum Flowrate(Q1)0.0313m³/h0.05m³/h0.0788m³/h0.2m³/h
Minimum Reading0.00001 m³
Maximum Reading99999 m³


Working Temperature

0.1℃~30℃(Cold Water Meter)
0.1℃~90℃(Hot Water Meter)
Working Pressure0.03MPa~1.0MPa
Pressure Level∆P63
Climate&Mechanical Environment Safety LevelB
Communication ModeNone/RS485/M-bus Water Meter Connection
Static State Current≤9uA
Working Voltage3.6V
StandardGB/T 778.1~ 778.3-2007,CJT133-2012



























Maximum Permission Error (MPE)

Q1≦Q≦,Q2 MPE =+ 5% Q2≦Q≦Q4, MPE= + 2% (For hot water metering, MPE=+ 3%)



2522534418102112G1 1/4BR1
4024537320107153G1 3/4R1 1/2









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