Male Seat SMT Machine Parts Vacuum Heat Treatment Phosphating Surface

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Male Seat SMT Machine Parts Vacuum Heat Treatment Phosphating Surface

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong

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SMT mechanical parts-Precision CNC machining parts-The male seat


There are many fine holes and tooth cavities in this part, and the tooth pores should be treated before the heat treatment. Therefore, in order to ensure the perpendicularity of the tooth pores, we adopt the vacuum heat treatment process.After the heat treatment, we finish the hole.Most of the rest of the dimensions need to be finished by the machining center..The dimensional accuracy of these parts is ±0.01mm, and the surface finish is above RA0.8.

Such mechanical parts are used in SMT equipments,Automatic placement machine is used to achieve high speed, high precision automatic placement of components of the equipment, is the entire SMT production of the most critical, the most complex equipment.SMT mounter is the main equipment in the production line, the mounter has developed from the early low speed mechanical mounter to the high speed optical alignment mounter, and to the multi-function, flexible connection modular development.We have many years of experience in processing this kind of products, can correctly control the precise size of this kind of parts, and have a complete process.

Toxmann is a machinery processing and manufacturing enterprise, specializing in the production of precision machinery parts, precision mold parts, etc. The company provides the most accurate customized supporting services for equipment manufacturers and integrators.

Toxmann has a high-level R&D and production team, and has introduced dozens of advanced automated equipments and testing instruments. The company cooperates with qualified raw material manufacturers and heat treatment suppliers to ensure the production of high quality products, to provide customers with the most assured service.
Toxmann was established in 2009,located in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China, with 70 technicians. The company has passed the ISO9001:2017 quality certification standard and was awarded as a national high-tech enterprise in 2016. The company has set up foreign trade branches in shenzhen and Hong Kong to meet customer needs.
Our core essence: technical,precise,innovative
Our quality objectives are: 1. Sample acceptance rate reaches 100%
2. The qualified rate of finished products reaches 100%
3. Delivery on time rate reaches 100%
Our core culture:Working together to win customers satisfaction with quality and service.
Toxmann company advantages:
1, The company has experienced technical backbones and a series of sophisticated imported manufacturing equipment to meet the market requirements.
2, The company can provide customized services according to the design drawings.
3, The perfect quality system and precise testing instruments lay the foundation for the quality control of the process.
4, The company aims to provide customers with more professional and accurate service.


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