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Chengdu General Rectifier Research Institute

Electrolytic Hydrogen High Voltage Rectifier Industry Used

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Hydrogen generating by water electrolysis is a widely recognized and relatively mature method for hydrogen production. The power supply is the basis of whole hydrogen generating equipment, so there are strict requirements for power supply stability. For this product, we adopt double reverse-star type rectifying circuit, triggering pulse of thyristor, and digital controller, making equipment highly automatic and high reliability. Now our silicon controlled power supply (KGHS series) have been customized up to 10kA current, is widely applied for this industry by cooperating with hydrogen generating equipment companies and EPC projects.

Product details

ModelKGDF series
Input powerAC380V/415V/460V, 3phase, 50Hz
Output currentAt request (full range continuously adjustable)
Output voltageAt request (full range continuously adjustable)
Rated output power≥5kw
Cooling modeAir cooling
Control modeConstant current/constant voltage mode
Cc/CV selectable
Power factor0.85
Voltage ripple≤5%
Constant current control accuracy≤±1%
Protection gradeDefult IP21
Protection functionSurge protection;
Phase lack protection;
Short circuit protection;
IGBT component failure protection;
Over temperature protection;
Input over/under voltage protection;
Output over/under current protection;
Communication interfaceRS232, RS485, profibus

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Company overview

"double wins, mutual prosperous", with the basic norm of cooperation with global partners, we have walked through 58 years researching & manufacturing power supplies. We are general rectification electric appliance research institute, who has a wholly owned sub-company: Sichuan bos electric co. Ltd; Who set up joint-venture company in hongkong and south Korea: General(hongkong) power electronic tech & science research institute, general(south Korea) power electronic co. Ltd.

Why choose us

1- found in 1958, regrouped at 1994, over 58 years research & manufacture experience. With complete service system.
2- strict quality control on raw material purchasing. We have stable components suppliers and have their products inspected each year.
3- twelve months quality gurantee ensures. Free-maintance and replace spare parts without any charge at your factory.
4- qualified simens vendor.
5- ISO9001 certification, SCR/IGBT ce certification.
(confirm by searching gere rectifiers-China and go to our website)


Qualified siemens vendor,

ISO9001 certification,

SCR/IGBT ce certification.

1- which is better air or water-cooling?
The environment where the rectifier will be used and output power determines the best type of cooling. For harsh, corrosion, sealed or high temperature environments water-cooling is best suitable. For the lower output power(such as lower 3000A current), the air-cooling is economical and practical.

2- what is the advantage of IGBT rectifier comparing with silicon controlled rectifier?
Smaller size and lighter weight, more energy-saving.

3- what kinds of rectifier you supplied?
We customize any specifications(500A~20ka or DC 12V~200V) equipments for electroplating rectifier, water electrolysis rectifier, copper/zinc/nickel/lithum/lead electrolysis refining rectifier, anodizing power supply, induction heating power supply.


For more info,Send us message:jessie(dot)lee(at)rectifier(dot)com(dot)cn Or find us by google "GERE rectifiers-china". Thanks for your attention.

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