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Address: 15 Li Dun,outskirt of Lu'an City,Anhui Province

Contact name:Phil Bian

LuAn Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd

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Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing powder coating additives in China.From its humble start in 1990,Jietonda now has become the leading developer&manufacturer of specialty chemicals for powder coatings industry.


The company has a state-of-the-art production facility and a specialized R & D center which is equipped with modern equipments and instruments.As a member of China Coat Organization,the company participated the formulations of several GB national standards and industry standards for China's powder coatings industry,and been ranked as second largest manufacturer of powder coating additives in China.


  Since establishment,Jietonda has established the consistent quality policy as”Excellence from doing our best”and always keep the policy without any changes.As an ISO9001 certified company and quality oriented enterprise,it has been doing its best not only to develop high-tech powder coating additives, but also to improve product quality and technical services.


  During recent twenty years, Jietonda has succeeded in developing and launching Jietonda SA series, more than forty kinds of powder coating additives, including matting agents, curing agents, texture agents,wax modifiers,charge enhancing agents and other additives. Today, Jietonda has established firm business relationship with some top powder coating manufacturers around the world, and has became one of the most important companies specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing powder coating additives in China.

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Jietonda® SA88 Leveling agent for powder coatings Jietonda® SA88 is a flow agent which can be used ...
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Company Name: LuAn Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd
Province: anhui
Country: china
Address: 15 Li Dun,outskirt of Lu'an City,Anhui Province