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Waste Meat Rendering Plant / Feather Meal Cooling Machine 10000 Kg Weight

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Waste Meat Rendering Plant / Feather Meal Cooling Machine 10000 Kg Weight

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Product Details

Waste Meat Rendering Plant /Feather Meal Cooling Machine 10000 Kg Weight 

Product Description

Meal Cooler


    The powder cooler, also called meal cooler, is mainly used for high-temperature cooling of animal and vegetable proteins after drying to prevent product quality degradation due to excessive temperature and scalding accidents due to high temperature during transportation. The working principle is that the powder material enters from one end of the equipment, and the cold air enters from the other end. After the internal rotor throws and disperses the material, the hot material is convected with the cold air to lower the temperature of the powder material, and the air is discharged after dedusting by the upper dust remover. In order to improve the cooling effect, a jacket can be arranged outside the cylinder of the equipment, and the inside of the jacket is circulated by cold water to fully improve the cooling effect.


Main Features:


1) Compact structure with simple complement equipment, easy to operate and maintain.

2) Good cooling effect.


3) Low energy consumption and low operating cost.

4) Large handling capability.

5) Ensure the quality of final product.


Our Company


    Jiangsu Stord Works Ltd. is located in national machinery industrial park, which is at the coast of Taihu Lake, Fangqiao Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. Our company has more than 180 employees, covers an area of 25000m2 and has more than 70 sets of various manufacturing and testing equipments. The maximum lifting capacity is 100T. The bending capacity for the thickest plate is up to 120mm. 



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