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Goose Horse Meat Rendering Plant Dead Pig High Temperature Treatment

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Goose Horse Meat Rendering Plant Dead Pig High Temperature Treatment

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Goose Horse Meat Rendering Plant Dead Pig High Temperature Treatment


Product Introduction 

Animal waste rendering plant

    The animal waste rendering plant is used to deal with animals in slaughter and breeding.The innocuous treatment plant can effectively control major animal epidemic diseases and the sterilization index can reach to 99%. The operation of the Animal treatment equipment is harmless and based on resource utilization.

    The harmless treatment plant is mainly used to deal with  pigs, chicken, duck, pig, chicken manure, cow dung, sheep dung, the fungus mushroom residue, medical, crop straw and other organic waste. It's the Best choice for the livestock farm, circular agriculture and ecological agriculture to achieve waste recycle. The plant can be complete automatic and semi-automatic production lines according to customers' demands and financial capacity, and provide a complete set of harmless treatment process guidance, formula design, fertilizer testing and other services.


Animal waste rendering plant has the following advantages:

1. Short processing time and less labor.
This series of dead livestock and poultry disposal equipment for dead pigs, chicken, duck, pig, chicken manure, cow dung, sheep dung of livestock and poultry dung, fungus mushroom residue and organic waste liquid, crop straw can be safely disposed within 48 hours; only 1 - 2 person per working shift can complete the work.

2. Save land and low infrastructure costs.
The harmless treatment equipment for sick and dead livestock and poultry can be put into production with an area of only 10 square meters. The whole production line also occupies only 660 square meters of land, Which greatly reducing the cost of basic civil construction.

3. No pollution, effectively protect the environment.
The innocent treatment of livestock and poultry equipment adopts closed fermentation technology, fermentation strains also add have deodorization strains, the production process is under the aerobic condition, no odor, no secondary pollution.

4. Effectively kill and destroy harmful bacteria thoroughly,not affected by external climate.
Whether in the cold north or in the hot, humid south, the fermentation temperature can reach 80 to 100 degrees through closed fermentation.Thus thoroughly kill harmful bacteria, eliminate crop diseases and insect pests, ensure the breeding enterprises harmless treatment.

5. High machanization and Hign automation.
The innocent treatment plant is controlled by PLC program. The whole process of feeding, fermentation, temperature control, drying and discharging can be automatically controlled. The workers can operate the device after simple training. Meanwhile, the whole process of mechanized production greatly reduces the labor force.

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