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Industry Poultry Waste Rendering Plant / Animal Rendering Machine Cook Crush Process

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Industry Poultry Waste Rendering Plant / Animal Rendering Machine Cook Crush Process

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Product Details

Industry Poultry Waste Rendering Plant / Animal Rendering Machine Cook Crush Process 

Product Introduction

Main products of our company are listed as follows:


1. Drying equipment:  blade dryer, tube bundle dryer, coiled tube dryer, sludge dryer, and etc.

2. Pressing equipment: Sludge screw press, single screw press, the maximum pressing capacity is up to 3000T/D.

3. Cooking & hydrolyzing equipment:  batch cooker, continuous hydrolyzer.

4. Evaporation and concentration equipment: multi-effect evaporator, MVR evaporator, scraper evaporator, molecular distillation equipment, and etc.

5. Crushing and broken equipment: single-axis crusher, double-axis crusher, four-axis crusher, hammer mill.

6. Conveying equipment: screw conveyor, screw cooling conveyor, mesh belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor, and etc.

7. Non-standard and pressure vessel series: heat exchanger, reactor, tower, storage tank, etc.


Equipment material can be carbon steel, stainless steel, dual phase steel, Titanium, nickel - based alloy, hastelloy, copper and so on.


As the tenet of "living by quality, development by credit, interest by brand",our company provides high standard, high technology, high quality products and after sales services for every customers. And "high-quality, high-service, high-credit, low cost" with the continuous research and development is the commitment of all the staff of our company to every customers. Our company sincerely hopes to cooperate with you to create a brilliant future.



Rendering plant


    The rendering plant is a complete plant including all the machinery and equipment required for the animal poultry production line. The rendering Plant we designed is very compact with reasonable space.

    Main components of the plant i.e. the hopper, screw conveyor, the tubular preheater heated by waste heat from the drier,the screw cooker, the screw press and the drier. 


Raw materialAll kinds of chicken, chickenmeat,Chicken bone, chickenhead, chickeninternal organsDifferent size shrimps,Wet-handling feathers,Livestock slaughteringoffals,different kindsanimal organs.
Construction materialCarbon steel, stainless steel , food grade stainless steel 
AdvantageHigh effeciency, low consumption
All the fittings such as motor, reducer and bearings will choose domestic first -classbrand
The plant can be designed as per customer's requirement.



Belt conveyor

It's mainly used for conveying materials, especially for whole chicken,whole duck and etc.


There are single shaft, double shaft, multiple shaft crusher to choose from, which  depends on your raw material.
It's used for cutting large material into small pieces and crushing the frozen material into evenly right size, it is for better conveying and cooking. 


Screw conveyor


The screw conveyor is very essential in the whole process. It can be made from carbon steel or stainless steel. It's mainly used for conveying materials, which is easy to clean and with long service life.

Material silo


The volume of the silo isdepend s on your required capacity. It is made of 6mm carbon steel plates. The top and bottom are reinforced by carbon steel angle iron. 



In this process, there are batch cooker and high temperature high pressure continuous cooker to choose from.

The Batch cooker is used for cooking the materials by batch and to ensure the quality of products. 

The cooker has two parts: the rotor and the jacket. 

Screw press


The screw press plays a decisive role in the whole process. It uses a set of variable diameter shafts and variable pitch screws, running in opposite direction and squeezing out the liquid through the filtering plates. 




There are multilayer of coiled tube inside the cylinder, which aim at increasing heating area and drying the material to achieve the good drying effect.

Hammer mill


It is used for grinding material . It is with compact structure, simple operation, smooth operation and durable. 

Meal cooler


The cooler mainly cools the materials from the dryer to the room temperature, and then goes to the packing system. It lowers the temperature of the material by contacting the cold wind. The cold wind will be extracted through the bag dust filter.

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