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5kg Cattle Daily Vitamin Salt Mineral Block Supplement For Deficiency

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5kg Cattle Daily Vitamin Salt Mineral Block Supplement For Deficiency

Country/Region china
City & Province shijiazhuang hebei
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Animal Nutrition Mineral Salt Lick Block

( Lollipop for Cattle & Sheep )




Composition ( per kg)
Pure SaltMain composition
Ca ( Caco3)10%
P (CaHPO4·2H2O)2.8%



1.Increase feed intake. Promote gain weight

2.Increase cow milk production. Decrease stress reaction

3.Trace elements supplement .Anti Vitamin deficiency.



5kg*4 / Carton


Manufacturing By :Shijiazhuang ZDHF Stock Raising Co., Ltd

Technical Support:008615081115902



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Pigeon Medicine
Pigeon Medicine Catalog (Pls Click For More Details)
PER-01VITALYTE PLUS5g*10 sachet/ box[Indication]1,Rapid replenishment of racing pigeon body lost electrolyte, decomposition of muscle lactate accumulation, regulation of acid-base balance.
2,Containing glucose, organic acids, oligosaccharides, minerals, and promote feed digestion and absorption, Improve racing pigeon physical recovery
3,Improve the body due to long-distance transport, competition and other factors caused by stress, thereby enhancing and enhancing the body's resistance to various adverse factors.
[Composition]VB1,VB2,VB6,VB12,Niacin,Folic acid,Pantothenic acid
[Usage & Dosage]5g per 2000-3000ml of drinking water,2 times per day,continous use 3-5 days.
PER-02IMMUNE GUARD250ml/ bottle[Character]This product is yellow to reddish brown liquid.
[Indication]Regulate the immune of pigeon body.Multi-nutrient comprehensive supply, enhance the body immunity,Polymer nano-liquefied minerals and trace for pigeons.At the same time to promote the moulting, bright feathers, nourish newborn young plume.During the competition, effectively adjust the body condition and accelerate the recovery of fatigue. Its obvious anti-thirst effect during the long-distance racing. During Brooding period effectively enhance the growth and development of young pigeon organs function, for the prevention of viral and influenza diseases.
[Usage & Dosage]10ml per 2000ml of drinking water(Directly feeding solution 1ml each morning and night)
PER-03LIVER TONIC300pills/bottle1, Protect liver and kidney, provide liver and kidney nutrition, promote blood circulation, improve pigeon racing speed.
2, Improve pigeons Premature aging caused by high physical activity, elimination of metabolic waste and toxins.
3, To promote metabolism, enhance physical fitness, activation of liver cells, enhance the state to promote recovery.
[Usage & Dosage]
Training period:1-2 pills per day
Competition period:2-4 pills per day
PER-04RACING KING120pills/bottleNutrition and energy supplement,Mainly used to enhance the racing state before competition.
1,Rapidly storage racing energy, improve racing speed and capacity, does not contain any hormones.2, Maintain the peak of racing pigeons, pigeons can be very physical recovery in a short time.3, Increase hemoglobin, improve blood oxygen capacity, make muscle rosy, more elastic and tension.
[Dosage & Usage]
Training period:1-2 pills per day
Competition period:2-4 pills per day
Pigeon Nutrition Products
NUT-01Probiotic premix500g/ bottle[Indication]1.Enhance immunity, improve the intestinal environment. 2.Anti-stress, maintaining the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.3.Reduce indoor ammonia and harmful gas content, improve the loft environment.4.Reduce respiratory disease.
[Composition] VB1,VB2,VB6,VB12,Niacin,Pantothenic acid,Folic acid,Yeast.
[Usage & Dosage]10g per 3000-5000g of pigeon feed, continous use 5days.
NUT-02NANO MULTI-VITA500ml/ bottle1.Rapid vitamin supplement, maintain normal physiological function, improve pigeon body metabolism. 2.Promote pigeon feed intake, improve nutrient absorption, improve feed conversion, promote growth.3. Prevention of various types of stress, enhance body immunity, improve immunity. 4. Regulation of gastrointestinal micro-ecological balance, after favorable convalescence.
[Usage & Dosage]5ml per 2000ml of drinking water for 3-5 days.
NUT-03VITA-CAL-PH500g/ bottle[Function]Promote calcium and phosphorus absorption, regulating physiological function, control bone on calcium and phosphorus storage and blood calcium and phosphorus concentration. Used in brooding period, young pigeon skeleton is good, keel is hard, muscle is red and elastic, feather is lustrous, toughness can shorten moult time, appetite is good, energetic, and enhance immunity.;Breeding pigeons can improve the pigeon physical peak, increase the pregnancy rate, eggshell smooth, enhance the ability to hatch, pigeon milk rich.
[Composition]VA,VD3,Calcium hydrogen phosphate,Stone powder.
[Usage & Dosage]10g per 3000-5000g of pigeon feed,for 5-7days
NUT-04Liquid Calcium Supplements For Pigeon250ml/ bottle[Composition]Vitamin A,Vitamin D3
[Character]This product is yellow to orange-red clarified oily liquid;
[Indication]This product can be quickly added pigeon body calcium and phosphorus, to eliminate the sub-health caused by the resumption of calcium and phosphorus, long-term use can make feather light. Used in brooding period, young pigeon skeleton is good, keel is hard, muscle is red and elastic, feather is lustrous, toughness can shorten moult time, appetite is good, energetic, and enhance immunity;
[Usage & Dosage]5ml per 3000-5000ml of drinking water for 5-7 days. Three times each week before mating and during competition.
NUT-05Liver Protect5g*10 sachet/ box[Character]This product is brown particles; taste slightly bitter.
[Indication]Protect and improve liver Detoxification function. Accelerate physical recovery, improve the body immunity,effeicency improve liver and kidney damaged by Long-term use of drugs. Promote metabolism, enhance physical fitness, activation of liver cells.
[Usage & Dosage]5g per 4000-5000ml of drinking water for 3-5days
TCW-01Trichomonas Cure5g*10 sachet/ box[Indication]Prevention and treatment of Trichomonas infection caused by the throat with white spots, Mouth sputum silk, Water diarrhea, black nose, loss of appetite, feathers disheveled, young pigeon dysplasia. Use during competition period, moult period, brooding period, do not hurt pigeon body.
[Usage & Dosage]5g per 3000-4000ml of drinking water,Prevent for 3-5 days,Treatment for 5-7 days.
TCW-02Coccidia Cure5g*10 sachet/ boxTreatment of coccidia, not harm to kidney.
[Character]This product is light brown powder; gas-specific, slightly bitter taste.
[Indication]Kill the coccidia. Indications coccidia infection caused Hot diarrhea dysentery,Suitable for coccidiosis caused water diarrhea, black nose, vomiting, eating less, poor mental symptoms.
[Usage & Dosage]5g per 5000ml of drinking water for 60 pigeons drinking water 1 day. Preventment for 3-5days, Treatment for 5-7 days.
TCW-03Coccidia solution100ml/bottle[Indication]Prevention and treatment of coccidia and mixed infections.Symptoms manifested as pigeon weight loss, feather loose mess, bloody stool .Prevention and treatment of infection due to coccidia caused bloody stools, sticky and water diarrhea, vomiting, decreased flying force and other symptoms.Quickly kill flagellates and coccidia, the protection and repair of damaged gastrointestinal mucosa, do not hurt the pigeon physical, molting, non-toxic side effects.
[Usage & Dosage]5ml per 5000-8000ml of drinking water,preventment for 2-3 days,treatment for 3-5 days.
TCW-04Worms Treat5g*10 sachet/ box[Character]This product is light yellow powder.
[Indication]For the deworming of pigeons vivo parasites( effective kill Nematodes, roundworms, tapeworms) ,also inhibite of Ectoparasites ( fleas, mites, ticks, lice Blood spider, tsutsugamushi, fly).
[Usage & Dosage]5g per 5000ml of drinking water for 3-5 days.
Respiratory Tract & Intestinal Tract
RIT-01Racing Pigeon Medicine50ml/ bottle[Indication]Protect the respiratory mucosa integrity,Improve respiratory function. Cure Asthma, expectorant and clear lung, clean mucus. After use telescopic distal capillaries, increase oxygen, increase the volume of the balloon,enhance racing pigeons high-speed endurance.
[Dosage & Usage]
5ml per 5000ml of drinking water for 2-3 days.
RIT-02Oxytetracycline Hcl Powder5g*10 sachet/ box[Character]This product is light yellow powder.
[Indication]Prevention and treatment of pigeons respiratory tract, micro-pulp bacteria, thrush bacteria mixed infection;Prevention of mixed respiratory infections due to E. coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella and Mycoplasma,effective for Trichomonas, flagellate infection or secondary respiratory abnormalities, black nose salivation, eyelid swelling, apathetic, mouth breathing and other symptoms. After use muscle flexibility, breathing smoothly
[Dosage & Usage]5g per 5000ml of drinking water,2 times per day,continous use 3-5 day.
RIT-03Florfenicol Solution For Racing Pigeon100ml/ bottle[Composition]Florfenicol
[Character]This product is white or almost white powder.
[Indication]Treatment of Salmonella and the sensitive bacteria caused bacterial diseases:Pasteurell multocida, Pasteurella multocida and Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, salmonella caused paratyphoid fever, cholera, white diarrhea, E. coli disease;Pasteurella, Vibrio, Staphylococcus aureus, Aeromonas hydrophila, enteritis bacteria cause bacterial sepsis, enteritis.
[Dosage & Usage]5ml per 5000ml of drinking water,2 times per day,continous use 3-5 days.
RIT-04Diarrhea Cure For Racing Pigeon250ml/ bottle[Indication]Treatment of dysentery, enteritis;For pigeons fever, depression, loss of appetite, Detoxification. Treatment of Enteritis, diarrhea, yellow dysentery, white diarrhea caused by mixed infection of E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus and virus and other pathogenic factors.
[Dosage & Usage]10ml per 3000ml of drinking water(directly feeding solution 1ml each morning and night).Prevent for 3-5days. Treatment for 5-7days.
TILMI (Treatment of Chlamydia mycoplasma infection caused single and double eyelid tears)
VPA-01Acute Disease Treatment For Racing Pigeon30ml/ bottle[Character]This product is brown-black liquid; gas micro, bitter.
[Indication]Treatment of exogenous fever, green stool high fever, acute death, Effectively treatment of a variety of viral diseases, mixed viruses and bacteria caused Expansion crop,fever, depression, yellow-green discharge loose stools; swelling of the head, part of organ congestion, spotting, intestinal mucosal shedding, weight loss and other symptoms of death have efficient therapeutic effect.
[Dosage & Usage] Oral dropping 8 drops each morning and night OR 20ml per 1000ml of drinking water
VPA-02VIRUS TREAT For Racing Pigeon5g*10 sachet/ boxCharacter]This product is grayish yellow to grayish brown powder; gas slightly fragrant, taste joys, slightly acrid.
[Indication]Treatment of paratyphoid, influenza. Pigeon lack of energy, fever, weight loss, runny nose, cough, and other symptoms.
[Dosage & Usage]5g per 5000ml of drinking water for 60 pigeons drinking 1 day. Double dosage for sever pigeon. Preventment of 3-5 days. Treatment of 5-7 days.
VPA-03PLAGUE CURE250ml/ bottle[Character] This product is brown-black liquid; gas micro, bitter.
[Indication] Treatment of Pigeon plague, influenza;For the treatment of viral and Newcastle disease, colorectal, Salmonella infection caused bvariety of red, white, green and yellow loose stools,Treatment of adenovirus caused rejection of food diarrhea, exogenous fever, back spin, paratyphoid, respiratory tract, mycoplasma, cholera and Qin urine and genital tract infections caused systemic symptoms such as body failure, acute death
[Dosage & Usage] 10ml per 800-1000ml of drinking water for 60 pigeons drinking 1 day. Prevent for 2-3 days, Treatment for 5-7 days.
POX CURE(Treatment of Pigeon pox virus, herpes virus)
POX-01Pox Cure5g*10 sachet/ box[Composition]Herbs extract
[Character]This product is yellow powder; bitter, slightly astringent.
[Indication]Detoxification, purging fire laxative.Treatment of pigeon pox virus, herpes virus(Skin type, mucosal type and mixed type). Skin type pox: pigeon body hairless or less hair of the eyelid, mouth nose, anus, legs and feet to grow a special smallpox;Mucosal type pox: beak mouth and throat mucosa yellow-white nodules grow;
[Dosage & Usage]5g per 5000ml of drinking water,2 times per day for 3-5 days.
DIS-01Strong Disinfectant For Racing Pigeon500ml/ bottle[Composition] Povidion Iodine
[Appearance]This product is Reddish brown liquid.
[Indication]Indication for Pigeonry disinfection and bathing, The product kill various bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi. It applies to those mites fungi cause folliculitis, skin erythema, pyoderma, hair removal, skin ulceration, severe itching and other body surface infections.Features: little irritating for organization, applied to the skin, mucous membrane infection, bring feather brightness.
[Dosage & Usage]Medicine bath: 10ml per 5L of clean water. Spray disinfectant: 10ml per 3L of clean water.

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