Seasoning powder packing machine 304 stainless steel ND-F398 for 1-1800g

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Seasoning powder packing machine 304 stainless steel ND-F398 for 1-1800g

Country/Region china
City & Province tianjin tianjin
Categories Belt Making Machinery Parts

Product Details

Seasoning powder packing machine 304 stainless steel ND-F398 for 1-1800g​


Product Description:

1. Micro-computer controlling, intelligent temprature controller, Schneider frequency converter,

2. English user interface. Reliable electrical photo detecting system,

3. Full automatic degree, easy to operate. All works of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, heat-printing can be done automatically.

4. Stainless steel 304 machine structure. Easy to clear.


Bag sealing type and bag sample:

Three sides sealing,four sides sealing,sachet bag,back sealing bag, stick bag, pillow bag.



It is suitable for widely suitable for food, medicine, chemical industry, such as food additive, milk powder, bean powder, coffee powder, tea powder, instant powder, flour powder, medical powder, and cosmetic powder etc.


Technical paratemer:


TypeBag Length
Bag Width
Packing Speed
Measuring Range
Voltage PowerWeight
Sealing Methods
ND-F4055-11030-802100-48005-40220V/50/60Hz/1.8Kw300900*700*19003 /4 Sealing
ND-F15080-14030-1302100-420030-150220V/50/60Hz/1.8Kw300900*700*19003/4 Sealing
ND-F320I40-16015-1503000-54005-300220V/50/60Hz/2.0Kw300950*700*1800Pillow sealing
ND-F320II40-16015-1503000-54005-300220V/50/60Hz/2.0Kw320950*850*19003 Sides sealing
ND-F320Ⅲ40-16015-1503000-54005-300220V/50/60Hz/2.0Kw350950*850*19004 Sides sealing
ND-F39830-32070-2101800-3600500(Max)220V/50/60Hz/1.8Kw3501200*900*2000Standard pillow bag
ND-F42080-30050-200300-3600150-1200220V/50/60Hz/2.2Kw5501320*950*1360Pillow bag/Gusset bag/Box bag
Pillow bag with punch hole
Gusset bag with punch hole


Company introduction:


Tianjin Newidea machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in packing machine for 10 years, strong R&D department, overseas engineer services availableand and have rich export experience.


We have our own intellectual property rights for our machine, the standard can reach international middle standard.

We supply all series packing solution to satisfy the following requests.
Packed material including granule, powder, liquid, and paste, the finished bag size range is 30mm-400mm(width) , 50mm-500mm(length), bag shape includes 3 sides,4 sides, back sealing, gusset bag,

hot 4 sides sealing, pyramid bag, stick bag. Tell us your requirement, we will recommend packing machine accordingly.


Welcome to inquiry!


Ms. Susan
Sales Expert
Tianjin Newidea Machinery Co.,Ltd
Add: Sanxing Road No.9, Zhongbei Industrial Park,Xiqing District, Tianjin , China.
Tel: 86-022-58716355
Fax: 86-022-58716353
Skype:susan22951 (always online)

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