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Digital Notebook Ultrasonic Scanner With Extremely Slimming Appearance

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Digital Notebook Ultrasonic Scanner With Extremely Slimming Appearance

Country/Region china
City & Province wuxi jiangsu
Categories Protective Disposable Clothing

Product Details

Digital Notebook Ultrasonic Scanner With Extremely Slimming Appearance



BIO 3000M, a full digital notebook ultrasonic scanner with extremely slimming appearance, is easy to carry (1.5 kg with a probe) and has powerful functions for multiple diagnosis purposes. High cost performance solution for family doctor, Individual clinics, medical team, emergency center and hospital doctor.



10.1” B/W TFT screen with high resolution (1024*768), optimizing image with advanced dynamic pre-processing and post-processing program, and Pseudo- color supported





Wide range of probe frequency covering different diagnosis applications. Convex probe is standard configuration. Trans-vaginal probe, linear probe and micro convex probe are optional




Software packages applicable to obstetrics, gynecology, urology, cardiology, superficial organs and abdominal diagnosis.



 Full size/Weight(whole set):37 X 27 X 6(cm)/5.5KGs Approx.

Easy to carry and move

User-friendly keyboard and touchpad operation.

Multiple output ports including 1 SD card slot, 1 mini-USB and 2 USB2.0 ports. SD card supported. Massive USB storage media supported.

Direct print via specified printer models.

Firmly special bag protects the unit from unexpected bump..




Quick response to inquiries within one day (depends on time difference). 12 months' warranty for the unit and main parts(freight not included  ). Only the cost of parts and freight being charged while warranty expired.

We have manufacture base in Wuxi, China. Every service request will be transferred to our professional and experienced engineer. Assured solutions will help you out of any possible trouble





Image mode:                               B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M

Gray:                                              256

Display:                                         10” high-resolution TFT LCD

Probe frequency:                         2.5~10MHz

Probe connector:                         1

Lateral resolution:                        ≤3mm (depth ≤80mm)

                                                         ≤4mm (80mm≤depth ≤130mm)

Longitudinal resolution:              ≤2mm (depth ≤80mm)

                                                         ≤3mm (80mm≤depth ≤130mm)

Detectable depth:                          ≥160mm

Blind area:                                      ≤5mm

Geometrical positiondistortion:   Lateral≤15


Imaging Processing

Pre-processing:                       Continuously variable aperture

                                                    TGC (Near Middle Far)

                                                    Dynamic filtering

                                                    Dynamic Range

                                                    Edge enhancement

                                                    Frame correlation


Post-processing:                     Gray map

                                                   Black/white reverse

                                                   Left/right reverse

                                                   Up/down reverse


Cine loop:                                 192 frames cine loop memory

Zoom:                                        ×0.8×0.9×1.0×1.1×1.2×1.3×1.4×1.5

                                                   Magnifications in real time

Permanent Storage:               1024

Storage media:                       Massive image-storage capacity (external)

                                                   USB disk

                                                   SD card

Front panel control:                Brightness, overall gain of the image

Focusing method:                   Automatic multi-stage focusin

OSD (On Screen Display):     Date, Time, age, sex, Patient ID and hospital information, Gain,

                                                    Focusing, Comments, Scroll, Zoom setting

Measurements:                        Distance, circumference, area/perimeter, volume,

                                                     heart rate, pregnant week, fetal weight, etc

Body-marks:                              More than forty different body-markers

Adjustable biopsy guideline:  Guidance for puncture

Sleep mode:                             Save energy and protect screen and probe

Parameter Preset:                   Suitable present for different application (Gynecology, Heart, Abdomen)

Measurement & Calculations

B-mode:                                     Distance, circumference, area, volume

M-mode:                                    Distance, velocity, heart rate

Software package:                    Abdomen (Distance, circumference, area, volume)

                                                      GYN/OB (EDD, GA, BPD, GS, CRL, AD, AC, FL, HC, FTA, APTD, TTD, FW)

                                                     Cardiology (Sam, SL, SAI, SD, Dam, DL, DAI, DD, ESV, EDV, SV, EF)


Peripheral port:                      Video output   1

                                                 SD card slot   1

                                                 USB port     2

                                                 Mini USB port 1

Power supply:                       AC 100V-240V  50Hz/60Hz

Dimension (cm):                  37(L)×27(W)×6(H)

Net weight:                            1.5KG

Standard configurations

3000M main unit

10”high-resolution TFT LCD

1pc 3.5MHz R60 convex probe

One connector

192 frames cine-loop

1024 permanent storage

OB report

OB & GYN & Cardiac software

2 USB ports & 1 mini2.0USB port

Li-ion battery



6.5MHz Trans-vaginal probe

7.5MHz linear probe

5.0MHz micro-convex probe 



E-catalogue for BIO_3000M Laptop Ultrasound Scanner.pdf

User's manual for BIO_3000M Laptop Ultrasound Scanner in English Version.pdf


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