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Non - Contact Infrared Vein Finder Vein Biometric Reader With 8 inch Screen

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Address: Room 408, No.801 Hongqiao road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

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Wuxi Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

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Non - Contact Infrared Vein Finder Vein Biometric Reader With 8 inch Screen

Country/Region china
City & Province wuxi jiangsu
Categories Veterinary Instrument

Product Details

Non - Contact Infrared Vein Finder Vein Biometric Reader With 8 inch Screen



This medical light is designed for venipuncture. It can be used widely in hospital, pediatric clinic, emergency room, outpatient clinic/center, clinical laboratory, blood bank/center, military medics unit, the CDC, rehabilitation center, nursing homes and others


How does the device do good to doctors, nurses and hospitals?


Providing friendly treatment / diagnosis and saving life

Reducing venipuncture failure

Increasing staff productivity

Attracting and helping to retain more patients



What kinds of patients is it suitable for?



The elderly

Obese patients

Dark-skinned patients

Patients with anemia, hypotension, or excessive loss of blood



Technical Parameters


Image model8 inch touch screen
imaging technology2 million pixels infrared camera
imaging speed>32 frame/second
imaging depth≤10mm
registration accuracy<0.2mm
best imaging distance140-180mm
infrared light energy0.36w
battery working time4h
charging time4-5h
stent typedesktop
gross weight1950g
packing size360*310*230mm









BIO_BS6000 infrared vein finder with screen.pdf

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