Universal Leeb Digital Portable Hardness Tester Lightweight With RS232 / USB Interface

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Universal Leeb Digital Portable Hardness Tester Lightweight With RS232 / USB Interface

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Product Details

Universal Leeb Digital Portable Hardness Tester Lightweight With RS232 / USB Interface





HARTIP 3000 is an advanced hand-held digital metal hardness tester with characters of high accuracy,

wide measuring range and easy operation. It is suitable for testing the hardness of all metals especially

on site for large structure/assembled components. Which is widely used in the industry of power, petro

chemistry, air space, vehicle, machine and so on.





The measuring principle of HARTIP series hardness testers is defined as "the quotient of the impact body's

rebound and impact velocity, multiplied by 1000." An impact body with a Tungsten Carbide test tip is propelled

by spring force against the test surface and then rebounds back. A permanent magnet is contained within the

impact body. When it passes through the coil on impact device, it induces an electric voltage which is proportional

to the velocity of the impact body.




·High accuracy

·Light weight

·For all metallic materials

·Wide measuring range: Rockwell B&C, Brinell, Vickers, Shore and HL
·Automatic conversion to Brinell, Rockwell, Vicker and Shore
·Test in any directions
·Impact devices: D, DC, DL, C, D+15, E, G
·All impact devices interchangeable
·Menu operation
·Large LCD display with backlight
·RS232/USB interface to PC and micro-printer
·Automatic mean, max., min. value display
·Data management software
·Comply to standard ASTM A956

Principle: Leeb hardness measurement
Accuracy: +/-0.5%@HL=800
Display: Large graphic LCD with EL backlight
Hardness scale:HL/HRC/HRB/HB/HV/HS
Measuring range:HL200-960 / HRC19-70 / HRB13-109 / HB20-655 / HV80-1027 / HS31.9-102.8
Impact device: D (standard) DC/DL/C/D+15/E/G (optional)
Materials: 9 common metal materials
Memory: 960 data in 8 blocks
Statistics function: Average / Max. / Min. / value
Interface: RS232 to PC / Micro-printer
Indicator: Low battery
Power off: Auto
Power supply: 1.5v AA battery x 4
Working environment: -40~+80°C (main unit) -20~+120°C (impact device)
Standard: ASTM A956
Dimension (mm): 195x84x38
Net weight (g): 550

Material:                                 HL     HRC     HRB      HB        HV         HS
Steel & cast steel                174-960  19-68  38-100   80-683   80-1027  32-102
Cold work tool st.                 174-960  20-67    --         --          80-900     --    
Stainless steel                     174-960  20-62  46-102   85-655   85-800     --
Grey cast iron                      174-960    --         --        93-334      --          --
Nodular cast iron                  174-960    --        --        30-390       --        --
Cast aluminium alloys           174-960    --         --        20-160       --        --
Copper/Zinc alloys (brass)     174-960    --    13-95      40-173       --        --
Cu Al/ Cu Sn alloys (bronze)  174-960    --     --           60-290       --        --
Wraught copper alloys           174-960     --     --           45-315       --        --

Standard package: Hartip3000 main body  External Impact device D    Test block D
                  Battery 4×1.5V AA alkaline battery     Carrying case  Cleaning brush

Optional accessories: Micro-printer     Impact body DC, D+15, G, C, E, DL  
                      Data managing software    A set or special support rings
                      Leather case   Connection cable to PC or Printer


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