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Eloam USB 2.0 interface Handheld Digital Microscope C605

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Eloam USB 2.0 interface Handheld Digital Microscope C605

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Eloam USB 2.0 interface Handheld Digital Microscope C605


Eloam Handheld Digital Microscope can be connected with computer and easy to operate. Using the additional ELOAM software, you can make picture capture and video recording easily.


Eloam Handheld Digital Microscope has a wide scope of applications, such as:

1.Skin detection
2.Hair root detection
3.Industrial inspections (such as print PCB board, precise equipment)
6.Biologic inspection
7.Antique and Jewelers inspection
8.Crime scene, imprint and material evidence investigation
9.And more……







1/10-200 zoom freely adjustable


Photo software, hardware, remote control camera



High compression ratio, compressing 11 hours after the software requires only 3.6GB of memory


Four LED,adjustable led light, USB powered


Auto focus+Manual focus

Detection range 


Maximum size 

lens diameter 17mm*length 126mm 


200 million

The image pixels 



Image speed 

15-30 Ching/sec


USB 2.0 interface

Pakage size 


Standard accessories

USB cable, manual,CD-ROM, Tripod

Sales service

7 days replcement, 1 year warranty ( Buyer should pay for shipping fee.)


We accept customized request.

System Requirment:
The computers should be required as:
OS: Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP, Win 98/98SE/VISTA (XP/VISTA --plug and play, it don’t need to install driver)
CPU: Pentium 233MHz&nbsp and above
Memory: 256MB SDRAM
Interface: USB 2.0
HDD storage space: 600MB and above

1.The body of digital microscope (attached photos on hardware installation and User’s manual)
2.CD( for special function)
3.Tripod (for microscope using)
4.Desktop microscope adjustable-stand (optional)
Hardware installation and using:
1.Plug USB cable into PC
2.If need fix, please fix the body of microscope into the clip of the tri-pod (accurately operation, please choose professional microscope adjustable stand when accurately operation is needed), adjust the lens to the object inspected.
3.Choose the suitable distance between the stage and objects, adjust the focus.
4.Adjust the led light by touch button (not for all models) or light control

Safety precautions:

  1. Do not touch the lens with finger to avoid electrostatic damage.
  2. Do not attempt to disassemble this product yourself. Opening the convers may expose you to dangerous voltage points or other risks.
  3. When hands are wet, do not plug in or remove the adaptor or other connectors.
  4. Using or storing USB microscope, do not plug in any other cables.
  5. Do not clean the products with ethyl alcohol or other organic solvent camera case, painted surfaces& lens.
  6. If the lens is dirty, please use a kens brush on soft cloth to wipe clean. Avoid touching them with your fingers. Exercise care to avoid scratching the lens.
  7. Without protection, do not put microscope outdoor to avoid the lens damaging by high temperature or humidity.
  8. Temperature: 0°C~40°C and humidity: 45%~85%
  9. If liquid has entered stage, immediately turn the power off and use dryer neither. Please send to the maintenance center
  10. Using or storing USB microscope,need to watch all cables to avoid trip over.
  11. To avoid electric shock. When remove all electric PC or TV. Please pull out the power source.

Difficulty resolution:


Trouble vision 




Blank screen 

1) LED is closed

2) Preview is closed 

3) No suitbale devices

4) Incorrect connection  with PC

1) Open LED

2)Open preview

3)Choose suitable devices

4)Connect USB again


1)Picture vague

2)Discoloration speed slow

1)Dirty lens

2)Incorrect focusing 

3)Incorrect connection with PC

4)The configuration of PC is too low 

1)Clean by lens paper

2)Adjust focusing 

3)Connect USB again

4)Choose new PC


Picture distortion 

1) Incorrect connection with PC

2) Trouble inside of microscope 

1) Connect USB again

2) Back to repair


Flicker picture 

Bad frequency

Choose the suitable frequency 


Can’t recognize 

1) Incorrect connection with PC

2) Trouble inside of microscope 

1)Connect USB again 

2)Back to repair


1) Touch reflect 2) slow, no reflect 

1) Climate effect

2)Trouble inside of microscope 

1)Make the touch bottom 


2) Back to repair


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