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Directional chutes are a useful feature of certain models - line a bowl up underneath them and watch as it fills up with popcorn.Some models of popcorn machine are especially fast, although all do their job quickly.Clear see-through lids are a very popular feature on most brands and models of popcorn maker. This is a great way to see your popcorn as it is being made, and particularly something that children love to watch. Several models include a warming cup that sits on top of the popcorn machine, melting butter ready to drizzle over the popcorn.Several popcorn makers have dishwasher-proof pieces and some have non-stick plates, making cleaning even easier.Some popcorn makers may come with stay-cool handles, while with other models the whole outside surface remains cool to the touch. Some popcorn makers also allow the addition of flavoring into the mix as the popcorn is being made, however, not all models are equipped with this option.
Some popcorn makers come with extras such as measuring cups that also act as warming cups for melting butter, or guides that suggest flavoring ideas to try out. There are even popcorn makers that have a body which turns over and doubles up as a bowl when full.

We realize you have many options when it comes to purchasing popcorn machine products online. Here's the reason why you should purchase from Popcorn Machines :
Most of our products ship within one business day.
We sell to the public at wholesale rates with NO minimum quantity requirements.
We strictly sell professional movie-theater quality popcorn machine poppers and concession equipment.Our machines are made in China with favor price.
We have been in the vending and concession business since 1999.
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Our American-made professional series Theater Pop popcorn machines are unparalleled in quality and ...
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Company Name: Chinee Industrial Group Co. LTD
Country: China
Website: http://www.popcorn-machine.com.cn/