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Open End Rubber Timing Belt For Industrial Car Machines 10mm - 450mm Width

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Wuxi Robert Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.

Open End Rubber Timing Belt For Industrial Car Machines 10mm - 450mm Width

Country/Region china
City & Province wuxi jiangsu

Product Details

We can supply Rubber Automotive Timing Belt with high quality and competitive price

1. Compact structure
2. ribbed belt With a body of thin
3. Heat resistant, oil resistant
4. OEM design.
our products involves in different varieties , Cogged belt Cogged v Belt Cogged Belt my factory cogged belt ,v belt ,pk belt ,pj belt ,auto belt, motocycle belt and so on. with different materials, techniques and usages. and the price is very very very competitive .


Working condition: Temperature:-20°C-80°C, V<50m , P<300kw, I<10


(1) Accurate transmission, work without sliding, with constant ratio;

(2) Smooth transmission, have buffer, damping capacity, low noise;

(3) High transmission efficiency,which can up to 0.98,can save energy obviously;

(4) Convenience in maintenance and without lubricant and maintenance cost is low;

(5) Big Speed range, general can reach up to 10, linear velocity can be up to 50 m/s, has a greater power transmission range, can reach a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts;

(6) Can be used for long distance transmission, the center distance of more than 10 m.


Rubber Timing belt with high transmission power and efficiency,anti-heat,hit,and oil,low noise, anti-chemical corrode.

1) material: chloroprene rubber, and elastic nylon cloth, fiberglass, or kevlar
2) Max. width: 450mm
3) long service life
4) high strength, anti oil, heat, aging
5) good bending resistant performance
6) widely used in automobiles, and machinery equipment for auto, sewing, spinning, food processing, household appliances, printing machines, communication equipment, chemical machines, and various precision machine tools and instruments


Product Introuction:

Timing belt drive consists of an endless belt whose inner surface has equal spaced teeth and belt pulley which have the relative teeth. While working, the teeth of the belt and teeth of the pulley joggle each other to transmit the motion and the dynamic force. It is a king of new type drive which has synthesized all the good points of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive.

Production typeTop widthPich widthHeightAngleLength conversionLength Range (inch)Length Range (mm)
3VX(9N)9 8405020-200508-5080
5VX(15N)15 13408530-200762-5080


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