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Greenhouse Material Clear Polycarbonate Sheeting SGS & ISO Certification

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Greenhouse Material Clear Polycarbonate Sheeting SGS & ISO Certification

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Greenhouse Material Clear Polycarbonate Sheeting SGS & ISO Certification



 The description of product is following:


Property   Twin-walls hollow PC SheetTriple walls /Multi-walls hollow PC sheet
Thickness4mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm  12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm
lengthNo limited
Material100% virgin Makrolon or Lexan material
Delivery timeDelivered within 7 days.
CertificationISO, 9001-2008
WarrantyTen years
PortNansha / Huangpu / Shekou / Yantian / Chiwan



► Packaging Details:            

PE film on both sides and the two ends sealed with dustproof tape. Delivered by container/tracked in neat packing.



► Delivery Detail:                   

 3-5 working days after receive the down payment.



► Delivery & shipment:

 The supplier will arrange the delivery shipment under buyer's instruction. 



 Advantage of product is following: 


1. The fine light transmission of polycarbonate sheet can reach 88%. (Not including yellow)
2. The polycarbonate sheet has the super UV-Protection.
3. The polycarbonate sheet has the excellent sound insulation and it is the best material for sound insulation of highway.
4. The polycarbonate sheet is light in weight and it is easy to transport.
5. The fire retardant grade B1 audited by the national GB824-97 test, without fire drop and poisonous gas.
6. The impact resistance of polycarbonate sheet is 250-300 times of the ordinary glass.
7. The polycarbonate sheet will not deformation within the temperature of -40℃~+120℃.





 What’s the quality assurance we provided and how do we control quality?

A: Established a procedure to check products at all stages of the manufacturing process - raw materials, in process materials, validated or tested materials, finished goods, etc. Besides, we also have developed a procedure which identifies the inspection and test status of all items at all stages of the manufacturing process.

 Your company can product how many different kinds of PC sheet?

A: Our Company now has following several products: Glittering Polycarbonate Sheet, Multi-wall Structure Polycarbonate Sheet, Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet, General Polycarbonate Solid Sheet, Advertising Polycarbonate Sheet, Polycarbonate Embossed Sheet, Polycarbonate Frosted Sheet, Soundproof Polycarbonate Sheet, Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet etc.

 Can I install polycarbonate sheets myself?

A: Polycarbonate sheets are particularly user-friendly and very light, so that fewer cross bars are needed.
This makes the supporting structure more straightforward and cheaper.

 Do the sheets discolor overtime? 

A: Because of its transparent UV protective layer polycarbonate sheets do not discolor and most polycarbonate sheets come with a 10-year guarantee... but they can last even longer than that!

 Won’t a polycarbonate roof make things very hot? 

A: Polycarbonate roofing sheets come with an energy reflective coating, which helps solve this problem. Moreover, polycarbonate sheets have excellent insulating properties so that heating costs are considerably reduced during intermediate seasons.

 Do the sheets break very easily? 

A: No! Polycarbonate sheets are not only extremely impact-resistant but thanks to their temperature and weather
resistance they have a much longer service life.

 Is polycarbonate sheet bad for the environment? 

A: Polycarbonate sheets are a very sustainable material that can be recycled and does not emit toxic substances during combustion. Moreover, there are sustainable polycarbonate sheets being manufactured using 20% renewable energy!

 What will happen in the event of a fire? 

A: Fire safety is one of polycarbonate's strong points. Polycarbonate sheeting is flame retardant and do not emit toxic substances, which is why they are so often incorporated in public buildings, where the most stringent safety regulations apply.


Pictures of product:




 If you are interested in our product, please send us an inquiry, thanks! Welcome to visit our company and factory!


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