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Swimming Pool Decorative LED Light for Indoor and Outdoor RCET002

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Swimming Pool Decorative LED Light for Indoor and Outdoor RCET002

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Swimming Pool Decorative LED Light for Indoor and Outdoor RCET002


As LED light development going, our company develops and manufactures a new generation decorative LED light, it is modeling novel, environment protecting, easy to use with wide application.


1) Low Carbon, energy-saving, and environmental production.


2) The outer casing of the light is made from imported LLDPE material, rotational moulding once to be the perfect shape, with elegant and beautiful appearance, aging resistance , against UV and impact resistance, and can be available all the day.


3) The LED light body adopts integrated IC chip controlling circuit, and luminous body adopts LED light bulbs, the color is mixture of RGB three primary colors, 16 kinds of luminous color can be changed at any time. Built-in battery adopts Philips lithium battery, capacity is 1500—3000mAh.


4) Plastic parts adopt the high strength engineering plastics. The whole structure is tight with graceful outline, high-tenacity, against deformation, not easily broken.


5) The outer casing and light body parts are used in special waterproofing technology to assemble up, with high degree of protection, up to IP65.


6) The newest charging method -- induction charging plate, easy to use and good charging performance. (Directly charging non waterproof)


7) Brightness control-- adjusting the brightness upon homochromatic selection with long life span and high brightness RGB Led.


Decorative LED lights are widely used in housing furnishing, outdoor, hotel, bar club, dance hall, swimming pool and other places, which are popular in America, Europe, Africa and Asia with good reputation. All decorative LED lights are EMC, CE, FCC, RoHS approved, high quality and safe.






CTN Size





2.Remote control 
(Standard accessories)









1, Charging Method: Lithium electric straight filling 
2, Recharging Time: 4-5Hours 
3, Working Time: 8-10Hours  
4, Voltage/Power: 5V/3W



1. In order to extend the service life of internally installed battery, please recharge in time when it is low power, and long time inactivity inadvisable.
2. Accessories include Remote Control, Adaptor and Charging Plate. They are not waterproof. So please keep them away from water.
3. Avoid products with high temperature exposure.


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