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FE Female Elbow Pneumatic Air Fittings Stainless Steel 316L Tube Standard

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FE Female Elbow Pneumatic Air Fittings Stainless Steel 316L Tube Standard

Country/Region china
City & Province ningbo zhejiang
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Product Details

FE Female Elbow Stainless Steel 316L Tube Fitting Plumbing Fitting High Quality Sanmin




Installation Instructions                                                                                                              
Fittings are supplied assembled and finger tight . Disassembly before use can allow the entry of dirt or other particles
1 . Insert the tubing into the fitting
Check That the tube rests firmly on the fitting shoulder and that the nut is finger tight , At this point it is recommended that a scribe mark be drawn on the hex of the extending onto the fitting body . This mark will serve as an indicator for the starting point and proper pull – up .
2 Tighten the nut
1-1/4 Turns of the nut are required for 1/4” (6mm) and higher ( See Fig . A )
3/4 Turn of the nut is required for 3/16” (4mm) and lower ( See Fig.B )
Reassembly Instruction
Connections may be disconnected and remade repeatedly , without loss of leak tight seal .
1. Before disconnecting , Mark the position of the nut inrelation to the fitting body .
2. To reassemble , use a wrench to tighten nut to original position .
3. Tighten slightly with wrench until a slight rise in torque is felt .
Tube Cutter                                                                                                                               
To attain a leak free connection , the tubing must be cut squarely . A good quality tube cutter with the appropriate blade for the tubing material is recommended .
Do not try to reduce the time of cutting by taking deep cuts with each turn the cutter . This will work harden the tube .
The end of the tube must be deburred to avoid damage to the fitting and to ensure that the rube reaches the bottom of the fitting .
Do not hold the tube in a vise in the place where it will be inserted into the fitting ( the vise will leave a mark on the tube that may cause leaks , and might cause ovality ).
Some Recautions to be taken                                                                                                    
1.Tubes must not be dragged on the floor .
2.Tubes must not be dragged out of a tubing rack , especially in case of large OD tubes
Copper Tubing                                                                                                                          
If using copper tubing from a roll , hold the end of the tube and roll the roll outwards allowing the tubing to lie on a flat surface .
High Safety                                                                                                                                
In applications where severe conditions and high pressure exist , we recommend the following installation procedures :
1. Check that the nut is finger tight
2. Insert the tube ( Up to the shoulder )
3. Rotate the nut with a wrench until the tube does not rotate freely .
4. Mark position of the nut .
5. Rotate the nut 1-1/4 turns .
This method ensures that even if the tube O.D. is at the minimum tolerance , the ferrules will be in contact with the tube for the full 1-1/4 rotation.
In order to assure maximum fitting reliability and performance , great care should be given when selecting the tubing for each application
Tube Selection                                                                                                                          
Four variables must be considered when ordering tube for use with fittings :
1. Material
2. Tube wall thickness
3. Tube surface finish
4. Tube hardness
Tubing should comply with standard ASTM A213 or ASTM A269 , be seamless , and fully annealed .
The tube must be red of scratches and suitable for bending and flaring .



Q: How much is our minimum order quantity ?
A: Our minimun quantity is 1 Piece .


Q: What ' s your delivery date ?
A: It depends on the number of orders . Delivery date is 7 - 30 days .if small order,pls buy from our aliexpress shop, If you need emergency products , we can speed up the production of the first arrangement .


Q: Do your company have specialized technical personnel ?
A: Design as your requirements,and have QC for make 100% inspection


Q: What is the price of the product ?
A: Our prices are based on the size and type of material , if you can give me the information ,
then we can give you an estimated price is for reference only . We can do any size and any desgin .


Q: Could you offer the free samples ?
A: Yeah, we could offer the free samples based on special customer.pre-production sample,production sample.


Why choose us                                                                                                                         

1: Sample order & small quantity order is acceptable .
2: Customize according to your special request .
3: Provide free products information .
4: Reliable quality assured and active after-sell service
5: One year quality guarantee




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