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DN60 DMF-Z-62S Die Cast Pneumatic Pulse Valve With Solenoid Coils AC220V DC24V

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DN60 DMF-Z-62S Die Cast Pneumatic Pulse Valve With Solenoid Coils AC220V DC24V

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DN60 DMF-Z-62S Die Cast Pneumatic Pulse Valve With Solenoid Coils AC220V DC24V

DMF-Z-62S right angle dust collector pulse valve installation precautions:

In the installation process, it is based on the standard. Improper installation often hinders the normal operation of the electromagnetic pulse valve. It directly affects the effect of the operation of the dust collector, and summarizes the installation and debugging of the electromagnetic pulse valve of the previous dust removal system. The common faults have the following phenomena:


1. The rated voltage of the installed electromagnetic pulse valve is inconsistent with the supplied working voltage. When energized, the electromagnetic pulse valve will not operate or the coil will burn out.

2. Before installing the electromagnetic pulse valve, be sure to purge the pipeline to ensure that there are no metal powder, rust and other impurities in the pipeline to block the electromagnetic pulse valve. The compressed air of the pipeline medium must be clean.

3. The electromagnetic pulse valve is oriented, and the reverse direction of the electromagnetic pulse valve will cause the valve to be closed and to be ventilated. The installation method should be selected according to the same model and media flow direction on the instruction manual.

4. When threading, tighten the connecting bolts and properly use the adhesive or sealing tape to prevent leakage.

5. The bolts at the connection of the electromagnetic pulse valve are not tightly sealed, and there is leakage. The compressed air cannot reach the working pressure value.


Technical data chart of DMF-Z-62S DN60 Inlet and Outlet pulse solenoid valves:

Model No.DMF-Z-20DMF-Z-25DMF-Z-40SDMF-Z-50SDMF-Z-62SDMF-Z-76S

Larger Diaphragm size




(φ66 smaller)


(φ66 smaller)


(φ66 smaller)


(φ66 smaller)

KV/CV values17.55/20.4826.16/30.5345.82/53.4761.24/71.47129.26/150.85159.95/186.66
Blowing area (㎡)3.5-68-1012-1618-2827-3837-65
Inlet and Outlet SizesG3/4''G1''G1 1/2''G2''G2 1/2''G3''
Weighgts (kg)0.6 0.75 1.2 2.35 3.2 4.05 
Working pressure3-6 bar
Environment temperature-25-60℃ Or OEM/ODM
Relative Humidity≤85%
Operating mediumCleaning Air
Protection classIP 65
Service lifesOver 1 million times
VoltagesDC12V/AC110V/AC220V/DC24V or OEM


Main dimension of DMF-Z-62S double membranes electromagnetic pulse valve for dust collection of waste gas:

Detailed pictures of DMF-Z-62S solenoid pulse jet valve G2 1/2'' Inches Port Sizes:



Application field of DMF-Z-62S Dust Collecting Die Cast Pulse jet air valves thread connection:


Introduction of various types of pulse jet solenoid valves:

The pulse valve is the mechanism and key components of the single-stage dust collector pulse spray cleaning device. It is mainly divided into three types: right angle type, submerged type and straight-through type. It is worth noting the working pressure of the domestic pulse valve; the right angle valve and the straight-through valve are 0.3- 0.6MPa; regardless of which type of valve, the working pressure range is 0.3-0.6MPa, the two types of valves are not subject to the difference between pressure and application pressure.

1) Submerged pulse valve construction principle. The submerged pulse valve uses a mounting method that is submerged in the air bag, so it is called submerged. Compared with other structural forms, it reduces the flow path resistance and reduces the pressure of the blowing air source, so it can be applied to the occasion of depression.


2) Straight-through pulse valve. The structural characteristic of the straight-through pulse valve is that the air inlet and outlet center line is in a straight line, so it is called a straight-through valve. The pulse valve diaphragm divides the pulse valve into two front and rear air chambers. When the compressed air is turned on, the pulse valve is closed. The opening principle is the same as that of the right angle valve, except that the flow direction is different when the air jet is injected. The advantage of the straight-through pulse valve is that it is easy to install, and is often used for a gas box pulse single-machine dust collector; the disadvantage is that the airflow passes through the valve body and has a large resistance. The DMF-T straight-through electromagnetic pulse valve has the same technical parameters as the right-angle pulse valve.
Electromagnetic pulse valves play a decisive role in the single-stage precipitator system, so be careful when selecting electromagnetic pulse valves.

3) Construction and working principle of right angle pulse valve. The right angle pulse valve is characterized by a 90 degree right angle of the valve inlet and outlet tubes. The diaphragm in the valve divides the pulse valve into two front and rear air chambers. When the compressed air is turned on, the compressed air enters the rear air chamber through the orifice, and the air chamber pressure closes the diaphragm to the output port of the valve. The pulse valve is in the "off" state (single machine dust collector).

The electric signal of the pulse controller makes the armature of the electromagnetic pulse valve move, the vent hole of the air chamber is opened after the valve, the vocal cord of the rear air chamber is out of pressure, the diaphragm moves backward, the compressed air can be blown through the valve output port, and the pulse valve is “opened”. status. The compressed air is instantaneously ejected from the valve to form a blowing air stream.


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