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5-12 Bar Dump Truck Hydraulic Controls HYVA 14750646H With Indicator Light

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5-12 Bar Dump Truck Hydraulic Controls HYVA 14750646H With Indicator Light

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Categories Refrigeration & Heat Exchange

Product Details

5-12 Bar Dump Truck Hydraulic Controls HYVA 14750646H With Indicator Light


1. When used with a compatible tipping valve with proportional lowering, the speed of descent of the body can be regulated by the proportional movement of the air control lever.
2. The air control includes an electrical indicator to show P.T.O. engagement.
3. The functions of Hyva air controls are clearly indicated on the type plate.   


 part no.               description
147 50 644 H       control pneumatic - 2 - TF/LF - PN
147 50 646 H       control pneumatic - 2 - TS/LF - PN
147 50 650 H       control pneumatic - 2 - TF/LF - PA
147 50 652 H       control pneumatic - 2 - TS/LF - PA


Explanation of codes:
2 = control has 2 sections
TF = lever is fixed in tipping end position
TS = lever has a spring return in tip position
LF = lever is fixed in lowering end position
PNL = P.T.O. control has no automatic disengage
P.T.O. control has a lamp
PAL = P.T.O. control has an automatic disengage
P.T.O. control has a lamp




Max. pressure12 bar
Min. pressure5 bar
Max. temperature80℃
Min temperature- 40℃
Connections 1, 21, 22 , 23G1/8"
Connection 3M5
Mounting holesM6
Voltage for lamp24V DC



Use always rubber grommets to protect air tubes and to prevent that dust and water enters the cabin.
For trouble free life of the entire pneumatic system the air system must be free from water.
The air control should be mounted in such a way that:
1 it is easy to reach by the operator.
2 it is no obstacle when entering or leaving the cabin.
3 it is clear from any moving parts such as drivers seat and closed door.
The air exhaust connection must be brought outside the cabin to prevent air entering the cabin, which gives the following disadvantages:
1 noise
2 blown up sand and dust
3 when alcohol is used to prevent the pneumatic system against frost the alcohol vapour will enter the cabin
Make sure that air tubes:
1 are not too close to sharp objects.
2 are clear from moving parts.
3 are clear from exhaust and compressor lines.
4 can not get kinked.
5 are not too long.


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