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Air Torque Double / Single Acting Pneumatic Rotary Actuators 1/4" 1/2" 1" Size Aluminum AT105 Series

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Air Torque Double / Single Acting Pneumatic Rotary Actuators 1/4" 1/2" 1" Size Aluminum AT105 Series

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AT105 Series Air Torque double acting single acting silvery Aluminum pneumatic rotary actuators



1. Do not operate the actuator using inflammable,oxidizing, corrosive, explosive or unstable gases or liquids (use only not dangerous fluids - group 2 according to 97/26/EC directive). Moreover, for actuators installed in potentially explosive zones, make sure that the internal parts of the actuator do not come into contact with the external atmosphere.

2. Close and disconnect all air supply lines and make sure that air connections are vented during maintenance and installation on valve.

3. Before installing the actuator onto the valve make sure that the rotation direction and the position indicator are in the correct position.

4. If the actuator is incorporated in a system or used within safety devices or circuits, the customer shall ensure that the national and local safety laws and regulations are observed.





1.Operating media:Dry or lubricated air or inert gases, provided that they are compatible with the actuator internal parts and lubricant. The operating media must have a dew point equal to –20°C (-4°F) or at least 10°C below the ambient temperature. The maximum particle size contained into the operating media must not exceed 30 µm.


2.Supply pressure:The maximum supply pressure is 8 bar (116 Psi), only for AT801U it is 7 bar (101,5 Psi).
For double acting and spring return actuators the working pressure is from 2.5 bar (36 Psi) to 8 bar (116 Psi).


3.Operating time (see technical data sheet):Caution: the operating time depends on several factors
such as supply pressure, supply system capacity (pipe diameter, flow capacity of pneumatic accessories), valve type, valve torque and figures, applied safety factor,cycle frequency, temperature, etc.


4.Rotation and stroke adjustment (see technical data sheet):
For standard actuators (90° rotation), 120° actuators (120° rotation), 135° actuators (135° rotation) and 180° actuators (180° rotation).Stroke adjustment at 0°(closed pistons): +15°max/ - 5°. Stroke adjustment at 90°, 120°, 135° and 180°(open pistons): +5°/-15°max. For actuator AT045U the stroke adjustment at 90° (open pistons) is available only on request.


5.Construction: rack and pinion actuator design suitable for both indoor or outdoor installations.


6.Protection and corrosion resistance:All the actuators are supplied with corrosion protection for normal environments. For corrosion resistance of the different types of protection see technical data sheet.Before installing the actuator in aggressive environment, ensure that the selected protection level is suitable.




Quality Standards :

The company for the products are brand new original products, no second-hand and refurbished products, or leave a compensable ten and return the full amount , but the buyer due to our purchase of model error is not responsible for returns, another of the company's sales of products enjoy one year from the date of shipment quality assurance , according to the original quality standards , during warranty with product problems , need confirmation testing by the manufacturer , the supplier to be solved , the demand side due to storage , use, poor maintenance caused by lower-quality product , and not raise objections


You can send a sample to customize the products, we have many engineers can help it; If you want a product of mine, but you are not sure if it's what you want, so you can ask for a sample from me, it will be free.

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