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PT1220-220 Black Aluminum alloy stainless steel Single Pressure Dump Truck controls PT 1220 Valve Tipping valves

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PT1220-220 Black Aluminum alloy stainless steel Single Pressure Dump Truck controls PT 1220 Valve Tipping valves

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Product Details

PT1220-220 Black Aluminum alloy stainless steel Single Pressure Dump Truck controls PT 1220 Valve Tipping valves



The Hyva PT 1220 & 2220 tipping valves are constructed with a pilot operated pressure relief valve with fixed pressure setting (by means of cartridges), which protects both the cylinder and the pump for overpressure. This tipping valve is also designed to allow proportional lowering, which is of main importance when lowering (half) loaded bodies.


This tipping valve can be directly fitted to the Hyva oil tank, which reduces the number of hoses and fittings and consequently the possibility of leakages.

Additionally the Hyva PT 1220 & 2220 tipping valve is unique in the market as it has a peak pressure relief valve, to prevent serious damages in case of peak pressures.


The Hyva PT-valves & DHM valves can be mounted in line or directly on the oil tank. The PT-valve and the DHM-valve can be mounted on the same block. The PT-valves are controlled with a Hyva air control or manually. The DHM-valves are controlled by a cable control or by a Hyva air control.




1) Power: Hydraulic  

2) Material: Aluminum

3) Automatically locked in stop and fall position

4) Working medium:Hydraulic oil

5) Operating pressure(Bar): 150Bar to 220Bar

6) Working temperature: -40ºC-/+80ºC

7) Color: Black or Red

8) Weight: 6.5kg



Part no. DescriptionMax. press.
Kit no.
147 67 315Valve PT - 1220 - 150150G1"2206.4EC150
147 67 317Valve PT - 1220 - 170170G1"2206.4EC170
147 67 319Valve PT - 1220 - 190190G1"2206.4EC190
148 67 322Valve PT - 1220 - 220220G1"2206.4EC220
148 67 325Valve PT - 1220 - 250250G1"2206.4EC250
148 67 328Valve PT - 1220 - 280280G1"2206.4EC280
149 67 335Valve PT - 1220 - 350350G1"2206.4EC350






1   : pump connection ( P )
2A : return tank connection (T)
2B : alternative return tank connection (T)
3   : cylinder connection (C)
4   : pneumatic connection of air control - tip
5   : pneumatic connection of air control - lower
6   : regulator for adjustment of lowering speed
7   : pressure gauge point
8   : cartridge
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