High Speed Plastic Agglomerator Machine , Plastic Granules Making Machine

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High Speed Plastic Agglomerator Machine , Plastic Granules Making Machine

Country/Region china
City & Province jiangsu
Categories Air Cleaners

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GHX serial high-speed plastic granulator machine for PP PE film,fibers



GHX series high speed agglomerator is a equipment which put waste Thermoplastic film and wall thickness <2mm products. It can agglomerate soft polyoxyethylene, high-low pressure polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and other thermoplastics products or films. It can also granulate waste polystyrene products.

The material after going to agglomerator, though high speed rotator blade and fixed blade cutting function, make the material to piece by piece fastly. The cutting material or sheet flows along the inner wall of the pan under the centrifugal force of the rotary cutter. Meanwhile The material that is affected by sizing turns up and down ,running from side to center. Due to the friction between the material itself at high speed and the friction with the wall and the blade, a large amount of frictional heat is generated, Rapidly increase the temperature of the material to a semi-plasticized state, Stick to each other into small pieces, Before the material will agglomerate, put the water inside, cool water meet hot material ,fast gasification, take out of the steam cover the material, to avoid material get together. then after rotator blade and fixed blade to make material to pellets.


After agglomerator , the material can be go to extruder or injection machine directly.


GSL Series Mainly used in produce PE PP films etc.


ItemParameter value
Volume L100200300500600800
Effective Volume L75150225375450600
Spindle Speed r/min10501000950750750750
Capacity kg/h100150200300400550
Motor Power kw3755759090-110110
Weight kg100012001800250027003000
Qty of Rotator Blades222444
Qty of Fixed Blade668999
MaterialStainless Steel
Blade Material9CrSi


GHX Series Mainly used in PET etc. fiber material


ItemParameter value
volume L100300400500
Effective volume L75225340375
Spindle speed (r/min)1050950850800
Production Capacity (kg/h)200350500700
Motor Power (kw)4590110160
Qty of Rotator Blades2244
Qty of fixed Blades6888
MaterialStainless Steel
Blade material9CrSi



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Final Products of plastic granulator agglomerator:



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