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High / Low Speed Mixer Extruder Machine Parts With 500L/1000L 800-1000kg/H

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High / Low Speed Mixer Extruder Machine Parts With 500L/1000L 800-1000kg/H

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Categories Air-Separators

Product Details

High and low speed Mixer Extruder Machine Parts with 500L/1000L of 800~1000kg/h

Mixer Introduction:

GS series high-speed plastic mixer is mainly used in polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC) mixing and coloring, Polyethylene particles coloring and drying, the drying process before polycarbonate and other hygroscopic resins molding processing, mixing process of phenolic resin, etc. Then the cooling stirring cooling, to prevent caking, prevent degradation of hot mixing material, and makes the additives in the hot mixing material to keep penetrating to the plastic resin,eliminating residual gas in the hot mixing material, and can store the hot mixed material. With characteristics of fast cooling speed and uniform cooling which can meet the requirements of plastic production technology. It is one of the necessary equipments for plastics processing plants, is also widely used in rubber, pharmaceuticals, paints and other industries.



1. It is used in mixing,stirring,drying,colouring and other processing of all kinds of materials in plastics,rubber,daily chemical and other industries.

2. The technology of sealing mainshaft is given the state patent.

3. The technique of two layers of sealing is adopted in its pot cover.It has self-friction heating and electric heating modes.

4. The discharging mode shave the temperature-automatic control and the manual control.Its blades are made of stainless steel.

5. They passed the test of dynamic balance and static equilibrium.

6. Its electric control section adopts famous control componcnts and temperature-control meters.


Main specifications:


TypeTotal Volume(L)Effetive Volume(L)

Power of electrical

Machinery and heating(KW)

Principal axis rotary speedFigure dimension(MM)Heating modeDischarge mode
GS-5A531.11400620×300×730Self frictionHand work



GS-1000A1000750110/160/28325/6503460×1140×2900Self frictionPneumatic


Machine Picture:


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