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Conic PVC SJSZ65/132 Plastic Extrusion Machine For Water Drainge Pipe

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Conic PVC SJSZ65/132 Plastic Extrusion Machine For Water Drainge Pipe

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Product Details

Conic PVC SJSZ65/132 twin screw extruder machine for make 50-200mm pipe


PVC pipe production line is mainly used for the production of PVC water supply pipe, drain pipe, threading pipe, electrician pipe, etc. Conical twin-screw pipe and profile extrusion equipment are equipped with corresponding moulds and auxiliary equipment, which can be used for extrusion processing of rigid PVC pipe.
● Hard PVC pipe equipment models: SGC63, SGC110, SGC250, SGC400, SGC630,

● Conical twin-screw extruder features:
● Unique screw design, the material stays in the barrel for a short time, and the mixing and plasticizing effect is good;
● Adopt high-quality gearbox, beautiful appearance, stable operation and low noise;
● The barrel is made of copper-cast aluminum heater and air cooling system. It has good heating and cooling effect and precise temperature control.
● The screw adopts the core temperature control system;
● Vacuum exhaust system can discharge moisture and volatile gases in materials, which can improve the quality of products;
● The main motor adopts thyristor DC speed governor or frequency converter, and the motor output torque is stable, which can realize stepless speed regulation.
● Suitable for the processing of powdered PVC heat sensitive materials.
● Vacuum sizing device: pipe vacuum spray box, pipe spray cooling box, and water contact parts are all made of stainless steel.
● Traction machine: two-jaw, four-jaw, six-jaw, eight-claw pipe tractor, series two track profile tractors to meet the production requirements of different pipes.
● Cutting machine: blade without chip cutting, sawing, planetary sawing (with chamfer).
● Rigid PVC pipe flaring equipment.
● Stacking device: automatic flap or roller stacking device.
● There are a variety of electrical control systems to choose from (such as: PLC automatic control system), stable production, easy to control and easy to operate


Main technical parameter:


Screw DIA(mm)51/10565/13280/15692/188105/216
Qty of screw22222
Screw directionOpposite and outer
Screw speed(rpm)1-371-34.71-36.91-331-32
Screw length(mm)10651440180025003330
StructureConical mesh
Main motor power(kw)22375590185
Total power(kw)385890140255
Output(max: kg/h)1352504508001400
Qty of barrel heating zone44556
FeederScrew dosing
Center height of machine(mm)10001000100011001300


After-Sales Service

* We arrange engineer to install the machinery and training the workers for client abroad if clients required.
* We have 24 hours team to solve problems after sales.
* We have free spare parts with the right machine during warranty time.
* We supply whole machine lifetime spare parts for every customer with low cost after warranty time.
* We always update the new technology to every customer.


Pre-Sales Service


* We given client the details technician offer.
* Professional advice for Inquiry and technical support.
* supply the details layout, installation instruction, technician support for the clients
* View our Factory,sales manager accompany.
* 24 hours English support.


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