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SJ55/30 Single Screw Extruder Machine , Plastic Extrusion Line 22KW Motor Power

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SJ55/30 Single Screw Extruder Machine , Plastic Extrusion Line 22KW Motor Power

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Product Details

Plastic single screw extruder machine SJ55/30 tube screw extruder machine



The extruder is mainly composed of a screw, a barrel, a transmission system, a joint of a machine head, and an electric control box.



It is a key component for the transportation and plasticization of plastics. Because of its rotation, the plastic is pushed forward to achieve the purpose of compaction, melting and mixing. The thread is composed of different functional sections to achieve better conveying, compaction, mixing, plasticizing effect and high output. The screw material is made of high-quality nitrided steel (38CrMoALA), which is finished by nitriding and finishing. It has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance and long service life.



It is a part matched with a screw. The barrel is made of nitrided steel, and the inner hole is nitrided to achieve higher hardness and better wear resistance, and has a certain corrosion resistance. There are five sets of heaters on the surface. The heat is transferred from the barrel to the plastic to melt and plasticize the plastic. There are five temperature measuring points in each part of the heater barrel, which can be automatically controlled within the plastic processing temperature range. The heating zone of the cylinder is equipped with air circulation cooling, which can accelerate the cooling of the cylinder and improve the accuracy of temperature control.


A3:Head flange joint

It is a part of the joint head and the barrel, which is heated by a heating ring to prevent the cooling of the molten plastic.


A4:Transmission system

The transmission system is to rotate the screw evenly with the necessary torque under the selected process conditions to complete the plasticization and transportation of the plastic to the screw. In order to meet the production requirements of various specifications of plastic products, the screw should have different rotation speeds. The machine adopts the variable frequency motor to directly drive the gear box through the coupling, and adopts the governor to realize the speed regulation, so that the screw speed can be smoothly steplessly regulated within the speed regulation range, and the screw speed can be directly read by the tachometer on the control panel. Can also be read directly on the governor


Details specification pictures of Plastic extruder machine:



Technical parameter:

ModelL/DOutput(kg/h)Speed(r/min)Drive powerCenter height(MM)


BEISU Machinery:

BEISU machinery and equipment recommendation: PVC/PE/PP pipe production line, PVC/PE wood plastic production line, PVC profile/profile production line, PVC/PP/PE/ABS sheet/sheet production line, PVC edge band production line and mill, High-speed mixer (group), crusher, sharpener, shredder, tractor, winder, cutting machine and other plastic auxiliary machinery.


Why choose BEISU Machinery:
A1:Plant construction, renovation plan, pipeline laying plan in the plant, construction plan of circulating cooling pool;

A2:Supply of raw materials, transformers, air compressors and other procurement plans;

A3:Provide relevant raw material specific formula, high quality raw material suppliers, raw material cost accounting;

A4:Installation equipment, commissioning equipment, training staff, and provide technical support throughout the year;

A5:BEISU company has a plastics industry engineering alliance nationwide, in the case of distance, can provide relevant talents in your company year-round work, as a technology backing.


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