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Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Address: No.12, Yuefeng Road, Nanfeng Town, Zhangjiagang City, China

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Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co.,Ltd is a certified manufacturer, exporter and supplier of plastic PVC/PE/PP/PET/EVA/ABS processing machinery. Due to our constant commitment to extrusion technology, we have emerged as a leading manufacturer of Plastic Extrusion Machinery for PVC pipes Extrusion Line, HDPE pipes Extrusion Line, PVC compounding Extruder, PVC Gravmetric Dosing System, PPR Pipes Extrusion Line, PVC profiles Extrusion Line, PVC Mixer, Cable coating, LLDPE layf-lat pipes, CPVC pipes Extrusion Line, plastic Sheet Extruder, PVC Sheet Extrusion Line, Plastic Granulating or Pelletizing Line and many other down stream equipment like Plastic PVC/PE/PP/PET/EVA/ABS Pulverizer, Plastic PVC/PE/PP/PET/EVA/ABS Crusher, Plastic PVC/PE/PP/PET/EVA/ABS Shredder, PE/PP Straw Machinery etc for a wide range of extrusion processes.



BEISU Machinery:

BEISU machinery and equipment recommendation: PVC/PE/PP pipe production line, PVC/PE wood plastic production line, PVC profile/profile production line, PVC/PP/PE/ABS sheet/sheet production line, PVC edge band production line and mill, High-speed mixer (group), crusher, sharpener, shredder, tractor, winder, cutting machine and other plastic auxiliary machinery.


Why choose BEISU Machinery:
A1: Plant construction, renovation plan, pipeline laying plan in the plant, construction plan of circulating cooling pool

A2: Supply of raw materials, transformers, air compressors and other procurement plans

A3: Provide relevant raw material specific formula, high quality raw material suppliers, raw material cost accounting

A4: Installation equipment, commissioning equipment, training staff, and provide technical support throughout the year

A5: BEISU company has a plastics industry engineering alliance nationwide, in the case of distance, can provide relevant talents in your company year-round work, as a technology backing


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Company info

Company Name: Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd.
Country: china
Address: No.12, Yuefeng Road, Nanfeng Town, Zhangjiagang City, China