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Industry Oil PVC Pipe Extrusion Line high Capacity with double wall

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Industry Oil PVC Pipe Extrusion Line high Capacity with double wall

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Industry Oil PVC Pipe Extrusion Line high Capacity with double wall

PVC conduit pipe production line
Extruders are mostly used for various wire & cable insulation sheathing stripping & skinning with single, double or triple extrusion layers available by using different cross heads. The changed screw is suitable for extrusion of low smoke halogen free, nylon ,PVC, PE and other plastic material. Based on the needs of our clients we have custom-made wire and cable extruders to meet their specific applications.
This kind of extruder has wide application . adopt different screw structure types, installed with siutable die head and downstream equipments, can produce all kinds of polymer products, can produce from HDPE, PP, ABS, PVC, PET, PC, PS and other plastics material to pipes, profiles, sheets and granules .
1.The main machine is SJSZ51/105 or SJSZ65/132 conical double-screw extruder.
2.The machine is composed of the conical twin-screw extruder,vacuum forming table,haul-off,cutter,stirring up rack etc.
3.SJSZ series conical twin screw extruder is a high efficient agglomerating and extruding equipment.Machines of this series feature low shearing rate. Uneasy degradation, even plastication and agglomeration,reliable quality,wide application range and long servicing life.
4.The extruder and the extractor adopt the imported AC frequency control device.The vacuum pump and the electric vehicle motor employ the superior goods.
5.The prime mover has the traction modes such as to calw,three claw and so on.
6.It may choose the saw blade cutting type or the plante cutting type.
7.It is additionally attached with measuring apparatus and the inensifying device.
8.The unit is of the reliable preformance and high production effciency.
9.The production line is equipped with doble tube single-control stainless steel spraying shaper to form a production line.
10.It avoids a waste condition when one tube is adjusted and the other one is affected.
11.The auto single-control double haul-off and cutter are combined with the front shaping technology to make operation more flexible.
The characteristics:
1. Installed with imported termo controllers, imported inverters or converters.
2 .Hardened gear reducer box, carburized and grinded teeth, installed with forced cooling system to ensure high-performance, low noise and long service life
3.For the material feeding section of barrel there’re slotted bushing and smooth grooves, two designs to meet the needs of different raw materials.
4.Screw and barrel made of nitrided 38CrMoALA wear resistant, corrosion resistant, high strength.
5.We also can provide a variety of exhaust-type extruder
Salient features:
1.High linear outputs throughout a broad range of speeds and pressure
2.Accurate functioning
3.Robust design with unique safety features for the user
4.Heavy duty bearing housing for trouble free working
5.Ease in operation and maintenance
6.Compact and robust construction
7.Low power consumption
8.Longer durability and serviceability
9.Efficient performance
10Ability to work in any condition
Main technical parameter:

MODELPipe diameter (mm)ExtruderExtruder power (kw)Capacity (kg/hr)
LB-32A16-32 (four)SJZ65/13237AC100
LB-32B16-32 (four)SJZ80/15655AC350
LB-50A16-32 (four)SJZ45/9015AC100
LB-50A16-50 (double)SJZ51/10518.5AC150
LB-50C16-50 (double)SJZ65/13237AC250





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