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Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group

Equal Elbow; Brass fitting

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Plastic slipcover press brass fittings
Brief Introduction
Press brass fitting is a kind of extremely ideal fitting, originate in euro-ametican developed countries, because of its special and convenient installations, press brass fittings get to expand strongly abroad. Ginde company is in the faith to provide more convenient more scanty and more environmental fittings for the customer, developing this series of products. The installation of the fpress brass fittings should be done with the special tools of ginde company operated briefly, installed expediently. Apperance of the press brass fittings after installing is generious through long enduring function superior, which is 21 centuries green environmental protection building materials product.
the construction is convenience and quick: the unique press technology is facile and nimble, reducing the time length for a project, reducing the expense.
using international press connection technology which has been fashion more than 40 years; the special-purpose tool presses one time to complete, the non-screw joint, with no complex cut-screw wotk, with no front-post processing during the welding work, with no oil and row welding pollution, make the guaranteed the work scene neat and clean.
good wholesomeness capability: hard to be resued, no twice pollution to the water quality, keeps water pure and healthy, reaches the national and international table-water standard.
it uses the ginde special-purpose press tools, carries on the press brass fittings. Having the specializes technology necessary, with the characteristics of no seeping, no dislocation and no bias.
artistic and practical: steel ring surface has polishing processing, which is durable; when it’s come to new upholstered environment, the exposed pipe can give the customers the feelings of warn and lofty.
The water diversion and supply system. The straight potable water system, cold and hot water supply system for the industry and the civil construction, the guesthouse, the airport, the station and the family fitment; liquid split system for drugs manufacture, food and drink… these sanitation industry.

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