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Automatic PVC Multi-Hole Pipe Extrusion Machine For Underground Communication

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Automatic PVC Multi-Hole Pipe Extrusion Machine For Underground Communication

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Product Details

   Professional PVC Multi-hole Pipe Extrusion Machine Manufacturer In China 


PVC multi-hole pipe extrusion machine is mainly used in making different diameters and thickness of multi-holes PVC pipes with different PVC pipe formulas, which is used for the pavement of underground communication cables.


PVC Multi-hole pipe production line is developed to meet the needs of telecommunication pipe development, which is to produce new type of PVC multiporous jacketed pipes. The production line can produce all specifications of PVC jacketed pipes with PVC as major raw materials by using different building formers and calibration die. Furthermore, the products feature high anti-compression intensity, light weight, long service life, and convenience for building. The pavement can be finished at one time due to the integration of jacket and sub-pipes. So it is no need to do extra work for it. At present, there are four-pored, five-pored, six-pored pipes and other specifications of square pipes to meet different situation


The PVC multi-holes pipe production line is also called plum blossom pipe extrsuion line just because its section likes plum blossom. It has the features of corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and high tenacity because of it structure of multi-pipe also has the features of easy working, strong adaptability, low cost and so on. It has been widely used in the fields of communication, electricity cable and so on.


Magstar PVC multi-holes pipe extrusion machine line consists mainly of material hot and cold mixer, screw loader, screw feeder, sepcial design twin conical screw extruder, extrusion mould and die head, vacuum calibrating cooling tank, online printer, traction haul-off machine, non-dust cutter or planetary cutter, stacker or belling machine as well as auxiliary machine.

Feature of PVC Multi- hole Pipe Extrusion Machine:

  • Professional screw design of profile for getting better plasticizing effects and more stable extrusion, as well as lower cost formulations.
  • Swallowtail split flow support type extrusion die can reduce joint line of the melt material with large compression ratio design.
  • Vacuum calibration tank made of stainless steel, vacuum calibration tank adopts automatic length adjustment device and automatic water inlet device, as well as solenoid valve controlled drain water system.
  • Multi-hole pipe production line has square tube products of 4 holes, 5 holes, 6 holes and different standards according to customer required.
  • It selects PLC control system and HMI for integral extrusion line, synchronization purpose realized. It assists the group management of machine production and quality direction.

  • With high efficiency and features PVC extrusion screw, energy saving vacuum activity and servo-controlled

  • Changing the extrusion mould die only, this machine can make other PVC pipes .

Production Process of Making PVC Multi-Hole Pipes:


Raw Material + Additive Preparation (Formula) → Mixing ( Mixer Unit) → Loading (Screw Loader) → Conical Twin-Screw Extruder → Customized Mould → Vacuum Stereotype Table → Specialized Hauling-off Machine → Cutting Machine → Automatic Stacking Machine


Magstar Machinery makes PVC pipe extrusion machine line in China


Magstar machinery is trustworthy PVC pipe extrusion machine line manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide valuable and top quality PVC pipe production line to our customers and help them reducing PVC pipe making process cost and fast after sales service .


Before you order PVC pipe extrusion machines, we will offer our professional sugesstion. After you order it, we will offer flowing chart, machines testing before shipment, trainning operation staff. We will make sure that your choice is your smart and right decision on this project. 

  • Professional workers & more than ten years experience in PVC pipe manufacturing machine 
  • 18 months guarantee for complete PVC pipe extrusion line 
  • Fast delivery time & after sale service in time.
  • Unique PVC pipe formula for saving cost of PVC pipes 
  • Top quality of PVC pipe making machines and screw will be designed as per your calcium percent in your formula.

Magstar can be your reliable PVC pipe manuafcturing machine manufacturer in China, all parts of machines  and all material are choosen from China best supplier.


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