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pink furnace glass beads

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... made from reduced fusion of high purity alumina powder and reducing agent in electric arc furnace. Its main content is Aluminium Oxide(Al2O3) and looks dark grey or light grey. ...

Glass Chunk

...Sandow glass chunk (or glass rock) is from the furnace cleanout, clean and colorful, which can be used for further processing or decoration industry. Application: ...

Abrasive Media

... application. Our products come in a variety of grit, bead sizes and qualities including: Brown Fused Alumina White Fused Alumina Pink Fused Alumina Honite Glass Bead Plastic ...
... surface of the glass, then by carefully baking into the furnace which is constant temperature, permanently bonding the lacquer onto the glass. Lacquered Glass has all the features of the original float glass, but ...
... on the surface of glass Step is after forming and before annealing furnace and is done by spray gun coat the glass sheet of film, then pass through annealing furnace, that’s why it named...
Shandong, china
... and productivity. It's made of fusion of mixture of certain raw materials in electric arc furnace under high temperature. We're one of the first China companies which manufactured this fused...
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