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Max Chemical Group Limited

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Max Chemical Group Limited is engaged in chemical intermediates research and development production, process optimization services, many kinds of organic reagent sales of fine chemical company, we sincerely provide customers with high-quality products and all-round quality service.
Company always adhere to the innovation and development strategy, in order to market demand as the core, with the green chemical product innovation as the forerunner, widely expand domestic and foreign scientific research and development cooperation, pay attention to talent introduction and training, with a high-quality scientific research team.

Hot Products

Serial Number: MCG-01 Product Name: 5 - Chloromethyl - 1,3 - dimethyl - 1H - pyrazole Cas No. 852227...
Full Name Pramlintide Acetate Synonyms Pramlintide acetate hydrate Molecular Formula C171H267N51O53S...
Name: Lypressin CAS No.: 50-57-7 Synonyms: Lysine vasopressin; Vasopressin Molecular Formula: ...
Specification: Carbetocin CAS 37025-55-1 Brand: Hyper MW:988.162 MSDS: Avaiable MF: C45H69N11O12S ...
Specification: Caspofungin acetate CAS 179463-17-3 Application: An inhibitor of ß (1,3)-D-glucan ...
Features: 1. Spring with low frequency value design, and after spray treatment, good weatherability, ...

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Company Name: Max Chemical Group Limited
Province: hongkong
Country: china
Address: Hongkong