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Hebei KNT FRP Co., Ltd.

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Address: 124 Jinji Street, Jizhou City, Hebei Province

Phone: +86-134 03281650

Contact name:ZHANG Peter

Hebei KNT FRP Co., Ltd.

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Hebei KNT FRP Co., Ltd. is the standing member of FRP Industry Association of China. It is the first enterprise in FRP Industry which passed the integral assurance of GJB9001A-2001, GB/T19001-2000, GB/T24001-2004 and GB/T28001-2001. It is a professional fabricator to produce FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics) and its composite products.

Hebei KNT FRP Co., Ltd.locatesby the beautiful Hengshui Lake, was founded in 1992, the total occupied area is 48000M2, the total assets are 180 million RMB, the assets of eight branch companies which locate all over of China is 160million RMB. The sales income is 350 million RMB. It has more than 620 employees, include 120 professional technical staffs in it. KNT Company has a powerful study and development team with advanced technical power organized and established by KNT Technical Center and Wuhan University of Science and Engineering, Hebei Industrial University jointly.

The series of FRP products have been used in many fields such as chlor-alkaline industry, petrochemical, power, dyeing, titanium white, urban water supply and drainage, waste water treatment, metallurgy, brewery and pharmaceutical.

The main specification and types of the products are as follows.

  1. FRP tanks, we can manufacture the tank that the diameter is from DN600mm to DN25000mm formed by horizontal winding and vertical winding;
  2. The serial FRP non-standard equipment, such as: scrubbing towers, absorption towers, ion-exchange column, stacks, rectangular tanks, composite pipes and vessels (FRP/PVC, FRP/PP, FRP/PE and FRP/PVDF), etc;
  3. FRP pipes, RPM for water supply and drainage. The diameter of the pipe can fabricate is DN50~4000mm;
  4. Serial FRP packing cooling tower, spray cooling tower without packing, helical chutes, fans ventilation tubes and other hand made products;
    1. Whole set computer controlling filament winding machine;
    2. Stack, rectangular tank, cover of acidic or alkaline reaction pot, ion-exchange column, venturi and other non-standard FRP products;
    3. FRP fume pipe and spray pipe used in desulphurization system of thermal power plant;
    4. The other non-standard products made by hand lay-up and extrusion
    5. FRP panel water tank
  5. Trailer with FRP tank
  6. FRP radome
  7. Polymer concrete cells for refining of copper, zinc, nickel etc
  8. FRP manhole cover, FRP grating, FRP cable tray
  9. Bamboo composite windmill blade
  10. double-wall Steel & FRP storage tank
    1. MannheimProcess Potassium Sulfate (K2SO4) technology and whole set equipment


We developed the domestic first set computer control winding machine upon the basis of introducing the key technology and equipment from USA and Italy. Now we have developed the 6th generation and have been used in the production line successfully. Else, as the traditional site maxi horizontal winding equipment was limited by many factors, so we developed VFW25000 computer control vertical winding machine independently and have been used in the Asian first fume pipe and tower syncretization project—Huaneng Beijing Thermal Power Co., Ltd. DN7000mm pipe successfully.


The heavy-caliber RPM pipe from KNT FRP Co., Ltd., named the National New Production 1997, and named China Top Brand Product in 2006. The computer control winding machine won the first prize of Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Progress, and meantime named National New Product. So our company as a fixed plant for manufacturing filament wound equipment decided by China FRP Industry Association.

The annual output of our company reaches 30,000tons. The annual productivity reaches 60,000 tons. The products have been sold all over the country, and exported to United States of America, Canada, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Japan, India, Iran, Hongkong and many other countries and areas. And have got the good comments from the clients.

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Company Name: Hebei KNT FRP Co., Ltd.
City: Hengshui
Province: Hebei
Address: 124 Jinji Street, Jizhou City, Hebei Province